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Geochemical constraints on the tectonomagmatic evolution of the late Precambrian Fawakhir ophiolite, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt
Abstract The Fawakhir ophiolitic sequence is composed mainly of serpentinites, metagabbros, boninitic metagabbros and metavolcanics. The serpentinites have geochemical features similar to those ofExpand
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Late Neoproterozoic strongly peraluminous leucogranites, South Eastern Desert, Egypt – petrogenesis and geodynamic significance
SummaryLate Neoproterozoic garnet-bearing leucogranites are developed locally along thrust faults in the South Eastern Desert, Egypt. This work presents field observations, whole rock major and traceExpand
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Chemistry of columbite-tantalite minerals in rare metal granitoids, Eastern Desert, Egypt
Abstract Paragenetic, textural, and chemical characteristics of columbite-tantalite minerals are examined as steps towards identifying the metallogenetic processes of their host granitoids.Expand
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Mineralogical and geochemical investigation of emerald and beryl mineralisation, Pan-African belt of Egypt: genetic and exploration aspects
Abstract Mineralogical, geochemical and fluid inclusion studies reveal two favorable environments for the localisation of beryl mineralisations in the Precambrian rocks of Egypt: (1) emerald-schist;Expand
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Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Neoproterozoic Granitoids in the Central Eastern Desert, Egypt
Abstract Neoproterozoic rocks in the Umm Gheig Province (UGP), central Eastern Desert, comprise five plutonic rock suites, i.e. a gabbro-diorite suite (GDS), an older granitoid suite (OGS), an I-typeExpand
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Garnet-bearing leucogranite in the El-Hudi area, southern Egypt: evidence of crustal anatexis during Pan-African low pressure regional metamorphism
Abstract The Wadi El-Hudi area, in the south Eastern Desert of Egypt, comprises a high-grade metamorphic complex of migmatite and biotite gneiss that host a garnet-bearing leucogranite body. ThisExpand
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Geochemistry and petrogenesis of Sikait leucogranite, Egypt: an example of S-type granite in a metapelitic sequence
Abstract The Sikait leucogranite (SLG) is a body of porphyritic garnet granite intruded a metapelitic sequence and interlayered orthogneisses. Multiple deformation and low- to medium-gradeExpand
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Rare metal-bearing and barren granites, Eastern Desert of Egypt: geochemical characterization and metallogenetic aspects
Three “younger granite” plutons from the Eastern Desert of Egypt are studied: petrographic and geochemical characteristics of the barren pink granites at Wadi Sikait and Wadi Nugrus are similar, ofExpand
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Geochemical and petrological evidence of calc-alkaline and A-type magmatism in the Homrit Waggat and El-Yatima areas of eastern Egypt
Abstract The Neoproterozoic plutonic complex in the Homrit Waggat and El-Yatima areas, central Eastern Desert of Egypt, comprises a deformed calc-alkaline I-type metagabbro-diorite complex andExpand
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Geochemistry and petrogenesis of El Gezira ring complex, Egypt: a monzosyenite cumulate derived from fractional crystallization of trachyandesitic magma
Abstract El Gezira ring complex (GRC) is a high-level Permo-Triassic intrusion related to the alkaline province of southern Egypt. It comprises an older, outer ring of alkali basalt flows andExpand
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