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Bettering operation of Robots by learning
This article proposes a betterment process for the operation of a mechanical robot in a sense that it betters the next operation of a robot by using the previous operation's data. The process has anExpand
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A stable tracking control method for an autonomous mobile robot
A stable tracking control rule is proposed for nonholonomic vehicles. The stability of the rule is proved through the use of a Liapunov function. Inputs to the vehicle are a reference posture (x/subExpand
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Bettering operation of robotics
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Bettering operation of dynamic systems by learning: A new control theory for servomechanism or mechatronics systems
A new concept called "betterment process" is proposed for the purpose of giving a learning ability of autonomous construction of a better control input to a class of multi-input multi-outputExpand
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A stable tracking control method for a non-holonomic mobile robot
Proposes a stable control rule to find a reasonable target linear and rotational velocities ( nu , omega )/sup t/. The stability of the rule is proved through the use of a Lyapunov function. The ruleExpand
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Stability of learning control with disturbances and uncertain initial conditions
The authors investigate the effects of state disturbances, output noise, and errors in initial conditions on a class of learning control algorithms. They present a simple learning algorithm andExpand
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A learning approach to robotic table tennis
We propose a method of controlling a table tennis robot so as to return the incoming ball to a desired point on the table with specified flight duration. The proposed method consists of the followingExpand
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Learning control theory for dynamical systems
Three types of learning control laws are proposed for mechanical or mechatronics systems with linear and nonlinear dynamics, which may be operated repeatedly at low cost. Given a desired output YdExpand
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Realization of robot motion based on a learning method
To make a robot track a given desired motion trajectory, a learning control scheme is proposed which is based on the repeatability of robot motion. In this scheme the robot obtains a desired motionExpand
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Precise dead-reckoning for mobile robots using multiple optical mouse sensorsx4
In this paper, in order to develop an accurate localization for mobile robots, we propose a dead-reckoning system based on increments of the robot movements read directly from the floor using opticalExpand
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