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Streamwise-localized solutions at the onset of turbulence in pipe flow.
The discovery of periodic solutions which just like intermittent turbulence are spatially localized and it is shown that turbulent transients arise from one such solution branch.
Bone Tissue Properties Measurement by Reference Point Indentation in Glucocorticoid‐Induced Osteoporosis
This study is the first to the authors' knowledge to demonstrate that reference point indentation is sensitive enough to reflect changes in cortical bone indentation after treatment with osteoporosis therapies in patients newly exposed to glucocorticoids.
Transition in localized pipe flow turbulence.
Direct numerical simulation of transitional pipe flow is carried out in a long computational domain in order to characterize the dynamics within the saddle region of phase space that separates
Takens–Bogdanov bifurcation of travelling-wave solutions in pipe flow
The appearance of travelling-wave-type solutions in pipe Poiseuille flow that are disconnected from the basic parabolic profile is numerically studied in detail. We focus on solutions in the twofold
Critical threshold in pipe flow transition
This study provides a numerical characterization of the basin of attraction of the laminar Hagen–Poiseuille flow by measuring the minimal amplitude of a perturbation required to trigger transition by means of a computational method that numerically resolves the transitional dynamics.
A mechanism for streamwise localisation of nonlinear waves in shear flows
We present the complete unfolding of streamwise localisation in a paradigm of extended shear flows, namely two-dimensional plane Poiseuille flow. Exact solutions of the Navier–Stokes equations are
Pipe flow transition threshold following localized impulsive perturbations
A numerical study of the destabilizing effects of localized impulsive perturbations in pressure-driven Hagen-Poiseuille or pipe flow is presented. The numerics intend to ellucidate the intrinsic
Solenoidal spectral formulations for the computation of secondary flows in cylindrical and annular geometries
Abstract.Novel spectral methods are formulated in terms of divergence-free vector fields in order to compute finite amplitude time-dependent solutions of incompressible viscous flows in cylindrical