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Stem water storage and diurnal patterns of water use in tropical forest canopy trees
Stem water storage capacity and diurnal patterns of water use were studied in five canopy trees of a seasonal tropical forest in Panama. Sap flow was measured simultaneously at the top and at theExpand
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Potential errors in measurement of nonuniform sap flow using heat dissipation probes.
The empirical calibration of Granier-type heat dissipation sap flow probes that relate temperature difference (DeltaT) to sap velocity (v) was reevaluated in stems of three tropical tree species. TheExpand
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Xylem hydraulic safety margins in woody plants: coordination of stomatal control of xylem tension with hydraulic capacitance
Summary 1. The xylem pressure inducing 50% loss of hydraulic conductivity due to embolism (P50 ) is widely used for comparisons of xylem vulnerability among species and across aridity gradients.Expand
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Carbon dynamics in trees: feast or famine?
Research on the degree to which carbon (C) availability limits growth in trees, as well as recent trends in climate change and concurrent increases in drought-related tree mortality, have led to aExpand
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A review of whole-plant water use studies in tree.
Weighing lysimeters, large-tree potometers, ventilated chambers, radioisotopes, stable isotopes and an array of heat balance/heat dissipation methods have been used to provide quantitative estimatesExpand
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Leaf photosynthetic traits scale with hydraulic conductivity and wood density in Panamanian forest canopy trees
We investigated how water transport capacity, wood density and wood anatomy were related to leaf photosynthetic traits in two lowland forests in Panama. Leaf-specific hydraulic conductivity (kL) ofExpand
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Does turgor limit growth in tall trees
The gravitational component of water potential contributes a standing 0.01 MPa m - 1 to the xylem tension gradient in plants. In tall trees, this contribution can significantly reduce the waterExpand
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Hydraulic redistribution of soil water during summer drought in two contrasting Pacific Northwest coniferous forests.
The magnitude of hydraulic redistribution of soil water by roots and its impact on soil water balance were estimated by monitoring time courses of soil water status at multiple depths and root sapExpand
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Safety and efficiency conflicts in hydraulic architecture: scaling from tissues to trees.
Tree hydraulic architecture exhibits patterns that propagate from tissue to tree scales. A challenge is to make sense of these patterns in terms of trade-offs and adaptations. The universal trend forExpand
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Functional convergence in hydraulic architecture and water relations of tropical savanna trees: from leaf to whole plant.
Functional convergence in hydraulic architecture and water relations, and potential trade-offs in resource allocation were investigated in six dominant neotropical savanna tree species from centralExpand
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