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Progression of Vertebrate Limb Development Through SHH-Mediated Counteraction of GLI3
Distal limb development and specification of digit identities in tetrapods are under the control of a mesenchymal organizer called the polarizing region. Sonic Hedgehog (SHH) is the morphogeneticExpand
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Targeted Mutation Reveals Essential Functions of the Homeodomain Transcription Factor Shox2 in Sinoatrial and Pacemaking Development
Background— Identifying molecular pathways regulating the development of pacemaking and coordinated heartbeat is crucial for a comprehensive mechanistic understanding of arrhythmia-related diseases.Expand
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Severe nasal clefting and abnormal embryonic apoptosis in Alx3/Alx4 double mutant mice.
A group of mouse aristaless-related genes has been implicated in functions in the development of the craniofacial skeleton. We have generated an Alx3 mutant allele in which the lacZ coding sequenceExpand
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Genetics of shoulder girdle formation: roles of Tbx15 and aristaless-like genes
The diverse cellular contributions to the skeletal elements of the vertebrate shoulder and pelvic girdles during embryonic development complicate the study of their patterning. Research in avianExpand
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Prx1 and Prx2 in skeletogenesis: roles in the craniofacial region, inner ear and limbs.
Prx1 and Prx2 are closely related paired-class homeobox genes that are expressed in very similar patterns predominantly in mesenchyme. Prx1 loss-of-function mutants show skeletal defects in skull,Expand
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Vertebrate aristaless-related genes.
Aristaless-related genes, a subset of the Paired-related homeobox genes, have in the past few years emerged as a group of regulators of essential events during vertebrate embryogenesis. One group ofExpand
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Retinoids regulate the anterior expression boundaries of 5′ Hoxb genes in posterior hindbrain
We describe the regulatory interactions that cause anterior extension of the mouse 5′ Hoxb expression domains from spinal cord levels to their definitive boundaries in the posterior hindbrain betweenExpand
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Hox-2.3 upstream sequences mediate lacZ expression in intermediate mesoderm derivatives of transgenic mice.
The mouse Hox-2.3 gene contains an Antp-like homeobox sequence and is expressed in a spatially restricted anteroposterior domain during development. To study the molecular basis of this differentialExpand
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Differential expression of the HMG box factors TCF-1 and LEF-1 during murine embryogenesis.
The recent identification of a number of T lymphocyte-specific enhancers has allowed the cloning of several novel transcription factors. Expand
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Expression patterns of group-I aristaless-related genes during craniofacial and limb development
Aristaless-related proteins are structurally defined by the presence of a paired-type homeodomain and an additional conserved domain, known as aristaless domain or OAR-domain. These proteins can beExpand
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