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Influence of slaughter weight on growth and carcass characteristics, commercial cutting and curing yields, and meat quality of barrows and gilts from two genotypes.
It is suggested that modern genotypes can be slaughtered at live weights up to 160 kg with limited impact on growth performance, commercial meat yields, or meat quality characteristics. Expand
Growth and body composition of dairy calves fed milk replacers containing different amounts of protein at two feeding rates.
Interactions (P < 0.05) of feeding rate and CP concentration for gains of water and protein indicated that when dietary CP was 26% the ME supply limited protein use by calves fed at 1.25% of BW daily. Expand
The growth performance, carcass characteristics, and meat quality of halothane carrier and negative pigs.
Nn pigs had an advantage over NN pigs in terms of feed efficiency, carcass yield fat-free lean content, and commercial lean cut yields but had a higher incidence of PSE. Expand
Growth, nutrient utilization, and body composition of dairy calves fed milk replacers containing different amounts of protein1
It is demonstrated that diet composition can markedly affect components of body growth in preruminant dairy calves, at similar initial ME intakes, increasing dietary CP linearly increased ADG, gain:feed, N retention, and deposition of lean tissue in VFC. Expand
Genetic analyses of growth, real-time ultrasound, carcass, and pork quality traits in Duroc and Landrace pigs: II. Heritabilities and correlations.
Favorable genetic correlations between IMF and eating quality traits suggest the possible merit of including IMF in the selection objective to improve, or restrict change in, pork eating quality. Expand
Meta-Analysis of the Ractopamine Response in Finishing Swine
ABSTRACT Ractopamine HCl (RAC) is a phenethanolamine β-adrenergic agonist used as a feed supplement that repartitions nutrients from fat deposition to increased protein synthesis and muscle proteinExpand
Effects of different cereal grains and ractopamine hydrochloride on performance, carcass characteristics, and fat quality in late-finishing pigs.
Feeding RAC and different cereal grains, whether based on corn, wheat, or barley with or without RAC, had little to no effect on carcass, meat, or fat quality attributes. Expand
Marbling effects on quality characteristics of pork loin chops: consumer purchase intent, visual and sensory characteristics.
When evaluated at home, consumers rated the chops they chose as more tender, juicy and flavorful than chops they evaluated "blind" on-site suggesting that additional factors have a significant impact on stated purchase intent. Expand
Comparative effects of ractopamine hydrochloride and zilpaterol hydrochloride on growth performance, carcass traits, and longissimus tenderness of finishing steers.
Although both beta-adrenergic agonists were effective at improving feedlot performance, RAC showed no negative effect on WBSF after 14 d, whereas WBSf values for ZH steaks were significantly greater than controls after 21 d. Expand