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Stereoselective Glycosylations of a Family of 6-Deoxy-1,2-glycals Generated by Catalytic Alkynol Cycloisomerization
Photolysis of 0.25 equiv of W(CO)6 in the presence of tertiary amines (triethylamine or DABCO) and highly functionalized terminal alkynyl alcohols catalyzes single-step, high-yield cycloisomerizationExpand
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Synthesis of the branched C-glycoside substructure of altromycin B.
Tungsten-catalyzed cycloisomerization of alkynyl alcohols including 8 provides only the endocyclic enol ether (11) as a key intermediate for the branched C-glycoside substructure (2) of altromycin B.Expand
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Organolanthanide-Catalyzed Hydroamination/Cyclization. Efficient Allene-Based Transformations for the Syntheses of Naturally Occurring Alkaloids
The total syntheses of the pyrrolidine alkaloid (+)-197B (1) and pyrrolizidine alkaloid (+)-xenovenine (2) are described. The strategy involves enantioselective syntheses of the aminoallene,Expand
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Organolanthanide-catalyzed intramolecular hydroamination/cyclization/bicyclization of sterically encumbered substrates. Scope, selectivity, and catalyst thermal stability for amine-tethered
This paper reports the organolanthanide-catalyzed intramolecular hydroamination/cyclization of amine-tethered unactivated 1,2-disubstituted alkenes to afford the corresponding mono- and disubstitutedExpand
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Alkynol endo-Cycloisomerizations and Conceptually Related Transformations
The discovery of new chemical transformations permits exploration and development of novel synthesis strategies. This account describes the invention of endo-selective cycloisomerizations of alkynylExpand
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Asymmetric Synthesis of Nucleosides via Molybdenum-Catalyzed Alkynol Cycloisomerization Coupled with Stereoselective Glycosylations of Deoxyfuranose Glycals and 3-Amidofuranose Glycals
Deoxygenated furanose glycals were efficiently prepared by molybdenum pentacarbonyl-catalyzed cycloisomerization of alkynyl alcohols, which were easily prepared in chiral nonracemic form by shortExpand
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