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Human factors analysis and classification system for the oil and gas industry (HFACS-OGI)
The oil and gas industry has been beset with several catastrophic accidents, most of which have been attributed to organisational and operational human factor errors. Expand
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State of a sustainable drainage system at end-of-life: assessment of potential water pollution by leached metals from recycled pervious pavement materials when used as secondary aggregate
Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) have emerged as an effective and attractive approach for stormwater management, prevention of water pollution and flood control due to its sustainable,Expand
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Laboratory-based experiments to investigate the impact of glyphosate-containing herbicide on pollution attenuation and biodegradation in a model pervious paving system.
An experimental investigation was carried out to determine the effect of glyphosate-containing herbicides (GCHs) on the hydrocarbon retention and biodegradation processes known to occur in perviousExpand
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Stormwater harvesting for irrigation purposes: an investigation of chemical quality of water recycled in pervious pavement system.
Most available water resources in the world are used for agricultural irrigation. Whilst this level of water use is expected to increase due to rising world population and land use, available waterExpand
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Potential microbial toxicity and non-target impact of different concentrations of glyphosate-containing herbicide (GCH) in a model Pervious Paving System.
Pervious Pavement Systems are Sustainable Drainage devices that meet the three-fold SUDS functions of stormwater quantity reduction, quality improvement and amenity benefits. This paper reports on aExpand
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Facile Fabrication of Recyclable, Superhydrophobic, and Oleophilic Sorbent from Waste Cigarette Filters for the Sequestration of Oil Pollutants from an Aqueous Environment
The oil industry is plagued with regular incidences of spills into the environment, causing environmental damage to flora and fauna, especially in marine environments where spills easily travel longExpand
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Stormwater harvesting from landscaped areas: effect of herbicide application on water quality and usage
AbstractThe suitability of stormwater harvested from pervious pavement system (PPS) structures for reuse purposes was investigated in conditions where glyphosate-containing herbicides (GCH) areExpand
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Evaluation of Pervious and Macro-Pervious Pavements as Harvesting Systems for Localized Landscape and Horticultural Irrigation
Pervious pavements have been used as water harvesting systems and studies have shown the value of water derived from pervious pavements as irrigation water for landscaping. An alternative system is aExpand
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Investigation of the effects of slow-release fertilizer and struvite in biodegradation in filter drains and potential application of treated water in irrigation of road verges
Filter drains are usually laid along the margins of highways. Highway runoffs are polluted with hydrocarbons and high levels of total dissolved solids. Therefore, effective pollution removalExpand
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Reuse of materials from a Sustainable Drainage System device: Health, Safety and Environment assessment for an end-of-life Pervious Pavement Structure.
Pervious pavement systems can have a life span of about 20years but, at end-of-life, it becomes necessary to evaluate the state of the infrastructure to determine whether they pose a health andExpand
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