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Beyond religion : cultural exchange and economy in northern Phoenicia and the Hauran, Syria
This PhD research challenges current scholarly debate on religion and religious architecture during the Roman Empire by offering a new understanding on the role of rural sanctuaries and a newExpand
Measles in Italy: Viral strains and crossing borders.
In 2017, Italy experienced one of the largest outbreaks of measles in recent years, with 5404 notified cases and 4347 confirmed cases. A further 2029 cases were notified during the first 6 months ofExpand
Genetic characterisation of Measles virus variants identified during a large epidemic in Milan, Italy, March–December 2017
Abstract In 2017, Italy experienced a large measles epidemic with 5408 cases and four deaths. As Subnational Reference Laboratory of the Measles and Rubella surveillance NETwork (MoRoNET), theExpand
Alienation and Redemption: The Praxis of (Roman) Archaeology in Britain
The TRAC session that led to this series of combined mini-papers was consciously designed as a forum for discussion, the aim being to consider how to tackle perceived systemic problems in theExpand