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Who is the puppet master? Replication of a parasitic wasp-associated virus correlates with host behaviour manipulation
Many parasites modify their host behaviour to improve their own transmission and survival, but the proximate mechanisms remain poorly understood. An original model consists of the parasitoidExpand
Intraspecific variability in host manipulation by parasites.
Manipulative parasites have the capacity to alter a broad range of phenotypic traits in their hosts, extending from colour, morphology and behaviour. While significant attention has been devoted toExpand
Host Manipulation by Parasites: A Look Back Before Moving Forward.
The ability to manipulate host behaviour is among the most fascinating and best-studied adaptations of parasites. In this opinion article, we highlight trends and biases in the study of thisExpand
The cost of a bodyguard
Host manipulation by parasites not only captures the imagination but has important epidemiological implications. The conventional view is that parasites face a trade-off between the benefits of hostExpand
How much energy should manipulative parasites leave to their hosts to ensure altered behaviours?
Summary Although host manipulation is likely to be costly for parasites, we still have a poor understanding of the energetic aspects underlying this strategy. It is traditionally assumed thatExpand
Diversity and evolution of bodyguard manipulation
Summary Among the different strategies used by parasites to usurp the behaviour of their host, one of the most fascinating is bodyguard manipulation. While all classic examples of bodyguardExpand
The functional complex network approach to foster forest resilience to global changes
We propose a novel approach to integrate the functionality of species-traits into a functional complex network approach as a flexible and multi-scale way to manage forests for the Anthropocene. Expand
Host behaviour manipulation as an evolutionary route towards attenuation of parasitoid virulence
By definition, insect parasitoids kill their host during their development. Data are presented showing that ladybirds not only can survive parasitism by Dinocampus coccinellae, but also can retainExpand
Bodyguard manipulation in a multipredator context: Different processes, same effect
Parasites have evolved various strategies to exploit hosts to their own advantage. Bodyguard manipulations consist of usurping the behaviour of the host to confer some protection to the parasiteExpand
Host nutritional status mediates degree of parasitoid virulence
Parasitic organisms rely on the resources of their hosts to obtain nutrients essential for growth and reproduction. Insect parasitoids constitute an extreme condition since they develop in a singleExpand