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Use of acridine-orange fluorescence technique in exfoliative cytology.
News of Sclence U.N. Committee on Effects of Atomic Radiation; Intermedin; Second Atoms-for-Peace Team Visiting Latin America; Reactor for Japan; Microcards for WMO's IGY Work; Another Voice onExpand
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Cytology of angiosarcoma of the breast. A case report.
A case of angiosarcoma of the breast nd the cytologic presentation of its unusual morphological characteristics are submitted in order to facilitate the differential diagnosis from other malignantExpand
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Comparative pathology of experimental and spontaneous androblastomas and gynoblastomas of the gonads.
Abstract Experimental tumors, growths both morphologically and functionally comparable to androblastomas or arrhenoblastomas, can be produced in fowl by destruction of the functional left ovary andExpand
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Acridine orange fluorochrome in the study of normal and malignant epithelium of the uterine cervix.
Abstract In a study of 2,000 consecutive smears (1,967 apparently well women), 0.7 per cent of “positive” cytological findings by each method (AO and Papanicolaou) were confirmed by tissue diagnoses.Expand
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Detection of gynecological cancer; use of fluorescence microscopy to show nucleic acids in malignant growth.
Early detection of malignant lesions of the cervix, a major problem in gynecology, has been made possible in more cases by the development of exfoliative cytology. Mass-screening programs have beenExpand
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Cresyl violet staining in exfoliative gynecologic cytology.
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