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Constructed wetlands for the Mediterranean countries: hybrid systems for water reuse and sustainable sanitation
One of the main problems in adopting extensive treatment for wastewater purification in hot climate countries, when also the effluent reuse is aimed, is the high evapotranspiration rate. This factorExpand
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Treatment of industrial effluents in constructed wetlands: challenges, operational strategies and overall performance.
The application of constructed wetlands (CWs) has significantly expanded to treatment of various industrial effluents, but knowledge in this field is still insufficiently summarized. This review isExpand
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Constructed Wetlands for Combined Sewer Overflow Treatment—Comparison of German, French and Italian Approaches
Combined sewer systems are designed to transport stormwater surface run off in addition to the dry weather flows up to defined limits. In most European countries, hydraulic loads greater than theExpand
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Treatment of segregated black/grey domestic wastewater using constructed wetlands in the Mediterranean basin: the zer0-m experience.
Concerns about water shortage and pollution have received increased attention over the past few years, especially in developing countries with warm climate. In order to help local water management inExpand
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Impact of influent wastewater quality on nitrogen removal rates in multistage treatment wetlands
Nitrogen removal in treatment wetlands is influenced by many factors, and the presence of electron donors (biodegradable organic matter) and electron acceptors (nitrate ions) is the main limitingExpand
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Three different multistage constructed wetland plants for wineries wastewater treatment, located in central Italy, have been monitored and designed by the IRIDRA Ltd engineering firm. The threeExpand
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Tolerance to hydraulic and organic load fluctuations in constructed wetlands.
This paper describes a two-year performance evaluation of four different constructed wetland (CW) treatment systems designed by IRIDRA Srl, located in central Italy. All four CW systems wereExpand
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Multi-stage constructed wetland systems for municipal wastewater treatment.
In the present paper the detailed design and performances of two municipal wastewater treatment plants, a four-stage constructed wetlands (CW) system located in the city of Dicomano (about 3,500Expand
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Wineries wastewater treatment by constructed wetlands: a review.
The application of wetland systems for the treatment of wineries wastewater started in the early 1990s in the USA followed a few years later by France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Various studiesExpand
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Integrated valuation of a nature-based solution for water pollution control. Highlighting hidden benefits
Abstract In this study we assess multiple benefits (environmental, social and economic) provided by a multi-purpose green infrastructure (a series of constructed wetlands surrounded by a park) in aExpand
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