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Stripe and ring artifact removal with combined wavelet--Fourier filtering.
A fast, powerful and stable filter based on combined wavelet and Fourier analysis for the elimination of horizontal or vertical stripes in images is presented and compared with other types of
Regridding reconstruction algorithm for real-time tomographic imaging
A fast algorithm for tomographic reconstruction based on the Fourier method provides an up to 20-fold performance increase compared with filtered back-projection routines with negligible accuracy degradation.
Joint inversion for three-dimensional S velocity mantle structure along the Tethyan margin
Abstract : For purposes of studying the lateral heterogeneity as well as for ultimately predicting seismograms for this region, we construct a new 3-D S-velocity model by jointly inverting a variety
The depth distribution of azimuthal anisotropy in the continental upper mantle
This work presents evidence for the presence of two layers of anisotropy with different fast-axis orientations in the cratonic part of the North American upper mantle, and shows that predictions from surface-wave-derived models are largely incompatible with shear-wave splitting observations.
Visualization and Quantification of Electrochemical and Mechanical Degradation in Li Ion Batteries
Battery Breakdown Although a range of materials can be used for chemically storing electrical charge, many cannot be made into batteries that retain their capacity over many cycles. Failure may be
Fossilized Nuclei and Germination Structures Identify Ediacaran “Animal Embryos” as Encysting Protists
It is demonstrated using synchrotron-based x-ray tomographic microscopy that the fossils have features incompatible with multicellular metazoan embryos, which represent an evolutionary grade in which palintomic cleavage served the function of producing propagules for dispersion.
Three-dimensional upper-mantle S-velocity model for the Eurasia-Africa plate boundary region
SUMMARY A new regional S-velocity study resolving the Eurasia‐Africa plate boundary region from the Azores to the eastern Mediterranean Sea is presented. The resolution of existing velocity models
X‐Ray Tomography of Porous, Transition Metal Oxide Based Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes
We implement a segmentation algorithm that allows identifi cation of individual particles and validate it by showing that the calculated particle size distribution (PSD) is in agreement with
Progress in In Situ X-Ray Tomographic Microscopy of Liquid Water in Gas Diffusion Layers of PEFC
Water management is an important factor for optimizing polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFC) under high current density conditions as required for the automotive application. The characteristics of
Fossilized iron bacteria reveal a pathway to the biological origin of banded iron formation.
F fossil environmental evidence for anoxygenic photoferrotrophic deposition of analogue banded iron rocks in shallow marine waters associated with an Early Quaternary hydrothermal vent field on Milos Island, Greece is provided.