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Heterosis and Expressivity of Apospory in Tetraploid Bahiagrass Hybrids
This poster presents a probabilistic assessment of the response of the immune system to the presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over a period of several years. Expand
Hybridization and heterosis in the Plicatula group of Paspalum
The results indicated that gene transfer via hybridization is possible among several species of Plicatula and Superior hybrids for specific traits can be generated and fixed by apomixis. Expand
Genetic distance and the relationship with heterosis and reproductive behavior in tetraploid bahiagrass hybrids
Heterosis was observed for all the evaluated traits and its level was dependent on the parental combination, and genetic distances between parents were related to heterosis, mainly for forage yield, which is the most important trait in forage species. Expand
Agronomic characterization of Paspalum atratum Swallen and P. lenticulare Kunth
Most ecotypes were able to tolerate winter temperatures and behaved as perennials, and no differences were observed for DM digestibility and CP concentration among accessions, cattle preferentially grazed accession P. atratum U44. Expand
Reproductive Systems in Paspalum: Relevance for Germplasm Collection and Conservation, Breeding Techniques, and Adoption of Released Cultivars
Germplasm collection and conservation can now be rethought considering the newly available information related to how diversity is allocated in nature and how it can be transferred between the sexual and apomictic germplasm using novel breeding approaches. Expand
Recurrent phenotypic selection and recurrent selection based on combining ability in tetraploid bahiagrass
This research presents a novel and scalable approach called “Smart grids” that combines “smart cities” with smart grids to solve the challenge of integrating smart grids into the traditional agricultural system. Expand
Evaluating General Combining Ability for Multiple Traits in Tetraploid Bahiagrass
Florencia Marcón Northeast Institute of Botany: Instituto de Botanica del Nordeste Elsa Andrea Brugnoli (  abrugnoli@agr.unne.edu.ar ) Northeast Institute of Botany: Instituto de Botanica delExpand