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A 10-bit 100-MS/s Reference-Free SAR ADC in 90 nm CMOS
A 1.2 V 10-bit 100 MS/s Successive Approximation ADC achieves high-speed and low-power operation thanks to the reference-free technique that avoids the static power dissipation of an on-chip reference generator. Expand
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Behavioral modeling of switched-capacitor sigma-delta modulators
This paper presents a complete set of blocks implemented in the popular MATLAB SIMULINK environment, which allows designers to perform time-domain behavioral simulations of switched-capacitor (SC) sigma-delta (/spl Sigma//spl Delta/) modulators. Expand
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Data Converters
This book is the first graduate-level textbook presenting a comprehensive treatment of Data Converters. Expand
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Curvature compensated BiCMOS bandgap with 1 V supply voltage
In this paper we present a bandgap circuit capable of generating a reference voltage of 0.54 V. The proposed circuit achieves 5 ppm / K of accuracy without requiring additional operational amplifiers or complex circuits. Expand
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Analog Design for CMOS VLSI Systems
Preface. 1: The MOS Transistor. 1.1. Electrical Conduction in Solids. 1.2. Fermi-Dirac Statistic. 1.3. Properties of Materials. 1.4. CMOS Technology. 1.5. MOS Threshold Voltage. 1.6. I-VExpand
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A 9.4-ENOB 1V 3.8μW 100kS/s SAR ADC with Time-Domain Comparator
SAR-ADC converter with time-domain comparator that transforms the input and the reference voltages into pulses and compares their duration. Expand
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Modeling sigma-delta modulator non-idealities in SIMULINK(R)
This paper presents a complete set of SIMULINK(R) models, which allow exhaustive behavioral simulations of any sigma-delta modulator to be performed. Expand
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A 60-dB dynamic-range CMOS sixth-order 2.4-Hz low-pass filter for medical applications
The design and implementation of a fully integrated complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) sixth-order 2.4 Hz low-pass fitter (LPF) for medical applications is presented. For theExpand
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An 8-b 400-MS/s 2-b-Per-Cycle SAR ADC With Resistive DAC
An 8-b 400-MS/s 2-b-per-cycle (2 b/C) successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is fabricated in 65-nm CMOS. Expand
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A 200mA 93% Peak Efficiency Single-Inductor Dual-Output DC-DC Buck Converter
A single-inductor dual-output DC-DC buck converter with a peak power efficiency as high as 93.3% . Expand
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