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Transcription patterning of uncoupled proliferation and differentiation in myelodysplastic bone marrow with erythroid-focused arrays.
Because abnormal erythroid differentiation is the most common manifestation of the myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), it was hypothesized that erythroid gene expression may be used to illustrateExpand
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Suicidal and criminal immolations: an 18-year study and review of the literature.
We aimed to examine our autopsy data in order to analyze epidemiological and injury characteristics in criminal and suicidal immolation cases. During the 18-year period, we recorded 29 suicides andExpand
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Child homicide and neglect in France: 1991-2008.
The aim of this study is to investigate epidemiological characteristics of the victims and the offenders in children homicide cases and to propose preventive measures. We retrospectively investigatedExpand
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Cognitive deficits in children with gelastic seizures and hypothalamic hamartoma
Objective: To characterize the cognitive deficits in children with gelastic seizures and hypothalamic hamartoma and investigate the relationship of seizure severity to cognitive abilities. Methods:Expand
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Anti‐IgE Monoclonal Antibody (Omalizumab) in Refractory and Relapsing Eosinophilic Granulomatosis With Polyangiitis (Churg‐Strauss): Data on Seventeen Patients
To describe the efficacy and safety of omalizumab, an anti‐IgE monoclonal antibody, in patients with refractory and/or relapsing eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (Churg‐Strauss) (EGPA).
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Language disturbances in corticobasal degeneration
Article abstract To characterize the language deficits in corticobasal degeneration (CBD) and their relation to neuroradiologic findings, the authors administered a standardized battery ofExpand
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The clinical utility of fetal cell sorting to determine prenatally fetal E/e or e/e Rh genotype from peripheral maternal blood.
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to determine the fetal E/e or e/e Rh genotype prenatally from peripheral maternal blood by examining sorted fetal cells from alloimmunized and nonalloimmunizedExpand
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Post-traumatic dissection of the internal carotid artery associated with ipsilateral facial nerve paralysis: diagnostic and forensic issues.
Traumatic internal carotid artery dissection may result from a direct blow to anterolateral aspect of the neck, or an extreme extension and rotation of the neck. Traumas involved are variable rangingExpand
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Prévalence des infections nosocomiales au centre hospitalo-universitaire de Bab El Oued-Alger
Resume Une enquete de prevalence portant sur l'ensemble des malades hospitalises, a l'exception de ceux ayant sejourne moins de 48 heures, a ete realisee au CHU de Bab El Oued a Alger pour apprecierExpand
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Molecular cloning and functional characterization of KCC3, a new K-Cl cotransporter.
We isolated and characterized a novel K-Cl cotransporter, KCC3, from human placenta. The deduced protein contains 1,150 amino acids. KCC3 shares 75-76% identity at the amino acid level with human,Expand