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Comparison of contact-force models for the simulation of collisions in DEM-based granular flow codes
Abstract The distinct element method (DEM) has proven to be reliable and effective in characterizing the behavior of particles in granular flow simulations. However, in the past, the influence ofExpand
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CTF3 Design Report
The design of CLIC is based on a two-beam scheme, where the short pulses of high power 30 GHz RF are extracted from a drive beam running parallel to the main beam. The 3 generation CLIC Test FacilityExpand
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A data-driven fuzzy approach for predicting the remaining useful life in dynamic failure scenarios of a nuclear system
  • E. Zio, F. Maio
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Reliab. Eng. Syst. Saf.
  • 2010
This paper presents a similarity-based approach for prognostics of the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of a system, i.e. the lifetime remaining between the present and the instance when the system can no longer perform its function. Expand
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An improved integral non-linear model for the contact of particles in distinct element simulations
Abstract In this paper we consider a non-linear model for the elastic-frictional contact of spherical particles based on a modification of the classical Hertz–Mindlin no-slip solution. TheExpand
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Combining Relevance Vector Machines and exponential regression for bearing residual life estimation
Abstract In this paper we present a new procedure for estimating the bearing Residual Useful Life (RUL) by combining data-driven and model-based techniques. Respectively, we resort to (i) RelevanceExpand
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A framework for reconciliating data clusters from a fleet of nuclear power plants turbines for fault diagnosis
A framework for incrementally learning different clusterings independently obtained for the individual turbines is applied on the shut-down transients of two NPPs. Expand
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A Robust Indicator for Promoting Circular Economy through Recycling
In order to move towards a more sustainable development, it is necessary not only to minimize the use of materials in the design stage and to find new materials as alternatives to nonrenewable onesExpand
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Methane Steam Reforming Analysis in a Palladium-Based Catalytic Membrane Reactor
The methane steam reforming in a catalytic membrane reactor has been studied. A previous theoretical study of this reaction has been carried out. In the model a global kinetic rate as function ofExpand
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The CERN PS multi-turn extraction based on beam splittting in stable islands of transverse phase space : Design Report
The PS Multi-Turn Extraction Study Group M. J. Barnes*, O. E. Berrig, A. Beuret, J. Borburgh, P. Bourquin, R. Brown, J.-P. Burnet, F. Caspers, J.-M. Cravero, T. Dobers, T. Fowler, S. Gilardoni, M.Expand
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Unsupervised Clustering for Fault Diagnosis in Nuclear Power Plant Components
We propose a methodology for the identification of transients originated by faults of the same class, on the conjecture that they lead to similar behaviors of the measured signals. Expand
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