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Speaking with Shadows: A Study of Neo-Logicism
According to the species of neo-logicism advanced by Hale and Wright, mathematical knowledge is essentially logical knowledge. Their view is found to be best understood as a set of related thoughExpand
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The particular-universal distinction: a dogma of metaphysics?
Is the assumption of a fundamental distinction between particulars and universals another unsupported dogma of metaphysics? F. P. Ramsey famously rejected the particular–universal distinction butExpand
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Can Ante Rem Structuralism Solve the Access Problem
Ante rem structuralism is the doctrine that mathematics describes a realm of abstract (structural) universals. According to its proponents, appeal to the existence of these universals provides aExpand
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Listening to Fictions: A Study of Fieldian Nominalism
  • F. MacBride
  • Philosophy
  • The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 1 September 1999
Recent philosophy of mathematics has concerned itself a good deal with metaphysics. Are there any mathematical entities? If such entities exist what kind of thing are they? What relation do theseExpand
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Could Armstrong have been a universal
There cannot be a reductive theory of modality constructed from the concepts of sparse particular and sparse universal. These concepts are suffused with modal notions. I seek to establish thisExpand
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Lewis's animadversions on the truthmaker principle
The early David Lewis was a staunch critic of the Truthmaker Principle. To endorse the principle, he argued, is to accept that states of affairs are truthmakers for contingent predications. ButExpand
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Neutral Relations Revisited
Do non-symmetric relations apply to the objects they relate in an order? According to the standard view of relations, the difference between aRb and bRa obtaining, where R is non-symmetric,Expand
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Where are particulars and universals
Soulevant la question de la distinction physique, psychologique et logique entre les particuliers et les universaux en reference a Russell et a Ramsey, l'A. mesure la validite de la conceptionExpand
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Particulars, modes and universals: an examination of E.J. Lowe's four-fold ontology
Is there a particular-universal distinction? Ramsey famously advocated scepticism about this distinction. In “Some Formal Ontological Relations” E.J. Lowe argues against Ramsey that aExpand
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