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Microhabitat Characteristics That Regulate Ant Richness Patterns: The Importance of Leaf Litter for Epigaeic Ants
We assessed the effect of conditions and resources on the species richness of epigaeic ants in a cloud forest of the Ibitipoca State Park, Brazil. We hypothesized that the characteristics that areExpand
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Climatic and local stressor interactions threaten tropical forests and coral reefs
Tropical forests and coral reefs host a disproportionately large share of global biodiversity and provide ecosystem functions and services used by millions of people. Yet, ongoing climate change isExpand
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Ecological impacts of selective logging in the Amazon: lessons from dung beetles
Selective logging is one of the main drivers of forest degradation in tropical forests, which makes the understanding of its biological consequences essential to inform conservation strategiesExpand
Quantifying and addressing the prevalence and bias of study designs in the environmental and social sciences
We empirically quantify, on a large scale, the prevalence of different study designs and the magnitude of bias in their estimates. Expand
New distributional data on Oxysternon pteroderum Nevinson, 1892 (Scarabaeidae, Scarabaeinae,Phanaeini) and its possible implications in conservation
Abstract New distributional data are reported on the rare phanaeine dung beetle, Oxysternon pteroderum Nevinson, 1892, based on five specimens recently collected between 1985 and 2010. Before theExpand
Development of second homes around the reservoir of Salto Caxias-PR Hydroelectric Power Plant 2.
This article discusses the development of second homes around the reservoir of Salto Caxias Hydroelectric Power Plant which is located in the Iguaçu River, between the cities of Boa Vista daExpand