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Midgut infection by tomato spotted wilt virus and vector incompetence of Frankliniella tritici
Movement to the salivary glands may determine vector incompetence of F. tritici, which is a prerequisite to virus transmission in tomato spotted wilt virus. Expand
Natural Infection of Verbena and Phlox by a Recently Described Member of the Carmovirus Genus.
The detection of natural AnFBV infection of verbena, phlox, and angelonia suggests that An FBV may be more widespread in the ornamental industry than previously thought. Expand
Hydraulic resistance to overland flow governed by Froude number on semi-arid hillslopes under shrubs and crops
ABSTRACT Overland flow occurs on a land surface, making a sheet flow without any flow concentration. Under these conditions, cultivated semi-arid hillslopes experience inter-rill erosion. OneExpand
Alternative control of Chalara paradoxa, causal agent of black rot of pineapple by plant extract of Mormodica charantia
It was observed that the plant extract did not affect most of the variables analyzed related to postharvest quality of treated fruits, and the use of the extract reduced the fruit weight loss, being a positive aspect under the studied conditions. Expand