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Atalaya at TASS 2019: Data Augmentation and Robust Embeddings for Sentiment Analysis
  • F. Luque
  • Computer Science
  • 25 September 2019
This article describes its participation in TASS 2019, a shared task aimed at the detection of sentiment polarity of Spanish tweets, and trained robust subword-aware word embeddings and computed tweet representations using a weighted-averaging strategy.
pysentimiento: A Python Toolkit for Sentiment Analysis and SocialNLP tasks
Extracting opinions from texts has gathered a lot of interest in the last years, as we are experiencing an unprecedented volume of usergenerated content in social networks and other places. A problem
RoBERTuito: a pre-trained language model for social media text in Spanish
RoBERTuito is presented, a pre-trained language model for user-generated text in Spanish, trained on over 500 million tweets and achieving top results for English-Spanish tasks of the Linguistic Code-Switching Evaluation benchmark (LinCE), and competitive performance against monolingual models in English Twitter tasks.
ANDES at SemEval-2020 Task 12: A Jointly-trained BERT Multilingual Model for Offensive Language Detection
A single model was jointly-trained by fine-tuning Multilingual BERT to tackle the task across all the proposed languages, with a performance close to top-performing systems in spite of sharing the same parameters across all languages.