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Necrotising pneumonia is an increasingly detected complication of pneumonia in children
Necrotising pneumonia (NP) is a severe complication of community-acquired pneumonia characterised by liquefaction and cavitation of lung tissue. The present study describes the epidemiology,Expand
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Cause of hoarseness in elderly patients.
Hoarseness is a common symptom in older individuals and may reflect a wide variety of pathologic, medical, physiologic, and/or functional causes. Although vocal fold atrophy is one of the more commonExpand
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Poly-p-phenyleneamineimine: synthesis and comparison to polyaniline
Spectroscopie comparative: spectroscopie IR, spectroscopie UV. Electrochimie comparative; proprietes magnetiques comparatives; proprietes de transport comparatives; structure electronique du PANIExpand
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The effect of patient factors on response outcomes to Botox treatment of spasmodic dysphonia.
Injection of botulinum toxin (Botox) into the laryngeal muscles has become the treatment of choice for controlling the symptoms of spasmodic dysphonia (SD). Currently, no specific battery ofExpand
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Longitudinal Evaluation of Vocal Function After Thyroplasty Type I in the Treatment of Unilateral Vocal Paralysis
This study investigated longitudinal changes of vocal efficiency and stability after primary thyroplasty type I. Fifty‐three patients with unilateral vocal‐fold paralysis underwent vocal‐functionExpand
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Lateral arm microvascular flap in head and neck reconstruction.
OBJECTIVES To report our results of a study of 28 patients who underwent sequential reconstructions of the head and neck using the lateral arm flap. To discuss the situations where we have found theExpand
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Aortic valve prolapse associated with outlet-type ventricular septal defect.
BACKGROUND Aortic valve prolapse is frequently associated with juxta-arterial ventricular septal defect. The significance of its association with other outlet types of ventricular septal defect,Expand
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Thyroplasty type I: short- versus long-term results.
OBJECTIVE After thyroplasty type I, significant improvement has been reported in objective measures of vocal function. The purpose of this investigation was to compare the short- and long-termExpand
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Abnormal soft palate posturing in patients with laryngeal movement disorders.
Laryngeal movement disorders (LMDs), including spasmodic dysphonia and essential voice tremor, have been described as focal disorders affecting the muscles of the larynx. Little reference has beenExpand
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