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Rotating detonation wave propulsion: Experimental challenges, modeling, and engine concepts
Rotating detonation engines (RDEs), also known as continuous detonation engines, have gained much worldwide interest lately. Such engines have huge potential benefits arising from their simplicity ofExpand
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Advanced Hypersonic Test Facilities
Hypersonic Ground Test Requirements Principles of Hypersonic Test Facility Development NASA's HYPULSE Facility at GASL The LENS I and II Hypervelocity Tunnels and Application to Hypersonic VehicleExpand
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Effects of dietary boron supplementation on some biochemical parameters, peripheral blood lymphocytes, splenic plasma cells and bone characteristics of broiler chicks given diets with adequate or
The effects of 5 and 25 mg/kg boron supplementation of diets with inadequate (6.25mg/kg) or adequate (50mg/kg) cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) content on some biochemical parameters, tibiaExpand
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Experimental and Numerical Study of Flow Topology Past Micro Vortex Generators
Detailed experimental and numerical visualizations of the flow past a micro vortex generator (MVG) in the form of a ramp with swept sides in a Mach 2.5 flow revealed a complex near-field topology.Expand
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Mach number effects on conical surface features of swept shock-wave/boundary-layer interactions
A joint experimental and computational study is made of the shock-wave turbulent boundary-layer interaction generated by sharp fins, with emphasis on Mach-number effects. The Mach number range isExpand
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Experimental Study of Near Wake of Micro Vortex Generators in Supersonic Flow
Detailed schlieren and laser lightsheet visualizations of the near wake of micro vortex generator (MVG) revealed large structures that were different from those of the undisturbed turbulent boundaryExpand
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Review of Micro Vortex Generators in High-Speed Flow
A review of the state-of-the-knowledge of micro vortex generators (MVGs) and their effect on separated shock/boundary-layer interactions is provided. MVGs are thought to be effective for reducing theExpand
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Electrical conductivity channel for a shock tube
The design of an electrical conductivity measurement channel for a shock tube is described. This measurement channel is used for the study of weakly ionized, high-enthalpy flows of gases seeded withExpand
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Shock/Boundary-Layer Interaction Effects on Transverse Jets in Crossflow over a Flat Plate
Shock/boundary layer interaction alters the near field mean flow of a transverse jet in supersonic crossflow by bifurcating the phase portrait of the separation topology through the addition ofExpand
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Micro-vortex generators for shock wave/boundary layer interactions
Abstract The effect of micro-vortex generators (MVGs) on shock wave/boundary layer interactions (SBLIs) has been reviewed. Experimental and computational evidence has been presented about theExpand
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