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Interstellar Glycolaldehyde: The First Sugar
Interstellar glycolaldehyde (CH OHCHO) has been detected in emission toward the Galactic center source 2 Sagittarius B2(N) by means of millimeter-wave rotational transitions. Glycolaldehyde is anExpand
Detection and Confirmation of Interstellar Acetic Acid
We have detected acetic acid (CH3COOH) in the Sgr B2 Large Molecule Heimat source using the Berkeley-Illinois-Maryland Association (BIMA) Array and the Caltech Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO)Expand
Green Bank Telescope Detection of New Interstellar Aldehydes: Propenal and Propanal
The new interstellar molecules propenal (CH2CHCHO) and propanal (CH3CH2CHO) have been detected largely in absorption toward the star-forming region Sagittarius B2(N) by means of rotationalExpand
Green Bank Telescope Observations of Interstellar Glycolaldehyde: Low-Temperature Sugar
Interstellar glycolaldehyde (CH2OHCHO) has been detected with the 100 m Green Bank Telescope (GBT) toward the star-forming region Sagittarius B2(N) by means of the 110-101, 211-202, 312-303, andExpand
A Rigorous Attempt to Verify Interstellar Glycine
In 2003, Kuan and coworkers reported the detection of interstellar glycine (NH2CH2COOH) based on observations of 27 lines in 19 different spectral bands in one or more of the sources Sgr B2(N-LMH),Expand
Interstellar Antifreeze: Ethylene Glycol
Interstellar ethylene glycol ( ) has been detected in emission toward the Galactic center source HOCH CH OH 22 Sagittarius B2(N-LMH) by means of several millimeter-wave rotational torsionalExpand
Microwave Spectra of Molecules of Astrophysical Interest. XXIV: Methanol (CH3OH and 13CH3OH)
The available microwave and millimeter-wave spectra of methanol, CH3OH, and its most abundant isotopomer, 13CH3OH, are critically reviewed and supplemented with spectral frequency calculationsExpand
Microwave spectra and electric dipole moments for low-J levels of interstellar radicals : SO, C2S, C3S, c-HC3, CH2CC, and c-C3H2
A number of low-J rotational transitions have been measured for the radical or transient molecular species, SO, C 2 S, C 3 S, c-HC 3 , CH 2 CC, and c-C 3 H 2 . Measurements were made with aExpand
Detection of C8H– and Comparison with C8H toward IRC +10 216
We report the detection of new transitions of octatetraynyl (C8H) toward the circumstellar envelope IRC +10 216 using data taken with the 100 m Green Bank Telescope (GBT). In addition, we report fiveExpand
We previously reported the spectral detection of the first interstellar sugar, which is known as glycolaldehyde (CH2OHCHO), by observing six separate millimeter-wave rotational transitions with theExpand