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Exact analytical solutions of the Susceptible-Infected-Recovered (SIR) epidemic model and of the SIR model with equal death and birth rates
This paper shows that the exact analytical solution of the Susceptible-Infected-Recovered (SIR) epidemic model is obtained in a parametric form, and that the generalization of the SIR model, including births and deaths, can be reduced to an Abel type equation.
Wormhole geometries in f(R) modified theories of gravity
In this work, we construct traversable wormhole geometries in the context of f (R) modified theories of gravity. We impose that the matter threading the wormhole satisfies the energy conditions, so
Metric-Palatini gravity unifying local constraints and late-time cosmic acceleration
We present a novel approach to modified theories of gravity which consists of adding to the Einstein- Hilbert Lagrangian an fðRÞ term constructed ala Palatini. Using the respective dynamically
Extra force in f(R) modified theories of gravity
The equation of motion for massive particles in f(R) modified theories of gravity is derived. By considering an explicit coupling between an arbitrary function of the scalar curvature, R, and the
Stable dark energy stars
The gravastar picture is an alternative model to the concept of a black hole, where there is an effective phase transition at or near where the event horizon is expected to form, and the interior is
Phantom energy traversable wormholes
It has been suggested that a possible candidate for the present accelerated expansion of the Universe is 'phantom energy'. The latter possesses an equation of state of the form
Morris-Thorne wormholes with a cosmological constant
First, the ideas introduced in the wormhole research field since the work of Morris and Thorne are reviewed, namely, the issues of energy conditions, wormhole construction, stability, time machines
Stability of phantom wormholes
It has recently been shown that traversable wormholes may be supported by phantom energy. In this work phantom wormhole geometries are modeled by matching an interior traversable wormhole solution,
Hybrid metric-Palatini gravity
Recently, the phenomenology of f(R) gravity has been scrutinized motivated by the possibility to account for the self-accelerated cosmic expansion without invoking dark energy sources. Besides, this
Linearized stability analysis of thin-shell wormholes with a cosmological constant
Spherically symmetric thin-shell wormholes in the presence of a cosmological constant are constructed applying the cut-and-paste technique implemented by Visser. Using the Darmois–Israel formalism