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A Josephson array voltage standard at 10 V
The technology of Josephson voltage standards has been extended to an array of 14 184 junctions which is capable of generating over 150 000 quantized voltage levels spanning the range from -12 to +12Expand
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Quasiparticle heterodyne mixing in SIS tunnel junctions
The rapid onset of quasiparitcle tunneling current in superconductor‐insulator‐superconductor (Josephson) junctions at voltages above 2Δ/e is being used for millimeter‐wave heterodyne mixing.Expand
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A 10-V Josephson voltage standard
The design and operation of an 18992-Josephson-junction array, which can generate reference voltages up to 12 V, is described. This device has applications for the direct calibration of ZenerExpand
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100 GHz Binary counter based on DC SQUID's
A binary counter using bistable dc SQUID's as flip flop circuits is demonstrated. All of the functions: LOAD, COUNT, STORE, READ, and CLEAR can be performed. The use of single flux quantum logicExpand
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Superconductor‐insulator‐superconductor quasiparticle junctions as microwave photon detectors
The strong nonlinearity of the quasiparticle tunneling current in superconductor‐insulator‐superconductor junctions near the full‐gap voltage 2Δ/e can be used for direct detection of microwaveExpand
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Wide-band low noise MM-wave SIS mixers with a single tuning element
Several SIS quasiparticle mixers have been designed and tested for the frequency range from 80 to 115 GHz. The sliding backshort is the only adjustable RF tuning element. The RF filter reactance isExpand
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Investigation of etching techniques for superconductive Nb/Al-Al/sub 2/O/sub 3//Nb fabrication processes
Wet etching, CF/sub 4/ and SF/sub 6/ reactive ion etching (RIE), RIE/wet hybrid etching, Cl-based RIE, ion milling and liftoff techniques have been investigated for use in superconductiveExpand
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Design limitations for superconducting A/D converters
This paper reviews the principle of A/D conversion using superconducting quantum interference and describes the results obtained with this technique At an accuracy of four or six bits the design ofExpand
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Broad-Band RF Match to a Millimeter-Wave SIS Quasi-Particle Mixer
An integrated superconducting microstrip is shown to be a convenient, flexible, and well-characterized matching element for a super-conductor-insulator- superconductor (S1S) quasi-particle heterodyneExpand
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Series-array Josephson voltage standards
Series arrays typically including 1500 Josephson junctions driven at 90 GHz have been used to generate quantized reference voltages in excess of 1 V. Such standards simplify the procedure and reduceExpand
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