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Bisphenol S in urine from the United States and seven Asian countries: occurrence and human exposures.
As concern regarding the toxic effects of bisphenol A (BPA) grows, BPA in many consumer products is gradually being replaced with compounds such as bisphenol S (BPS). Nevertheless, data on theExpand
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Occurrence of eight bisphenol analogues in indoor dust from the United States and several Asian countries: implications for human exposure.
Bisphenol A has been reported to be a ubiquitous contaminant in indoor dust, and human exposure to this compound is well documented. Information on the occurrence of and human exposure to otherExpand
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A 2010 update of National Land Use/Cover Database of China at 1:100000 scale using medium spatial resolution satellite images
article i nfo A project to map national land use/cover in China was initialized in the latter half of the 1990s. A national land use/cover database of China (NLUD-C, hereafter) at 1:100000 scale thatExpand
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Morpheme-like prosodic functions: Evidence from acoustic analysis and computational modeling
We explore the idea that prosodic functions, such as focus and sentence modality, are analogous to lexical morphemes, the smallest sound units that carry meaning. Expand
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Are all literature citations equally important? Automatic citation strength estimation and its applications
We use a strength value to assess the importance of each citation and propose to use the regression method with a few useful features for automatically estimating the strength value of each citations. Expand
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COVID-19: potential effects on Chinese citizens’ lifestyle and travel
Purpose: The 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is projected to have adverse consequences on the global tourism and hospitality industry This paper aims to examine how the outbreak may alterExpand
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Ultraviolet spectrum and photochemistry of the simplest Criegee intermediate CH2OO.
Ozonolysis of alkenes in the troposphere produces Criegee intermediates, which have eluded detection in the gas phase until very recently. This laboratory has synthesized the simplest CriegeeExpand
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UV spectroscopic characterization of an alkyl substituted Criegee intermediate CH3CHOO.
Ozonolysis of alkenes in the troposphere proceeds through a Criegee intermediate, or carbonyl oxide, which has only recently been detected in the gas phase. The present study focuses on theExpand
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Characterization of the particle size fraction associated heavy metals in tropical arable soils from Hainan Island, China
Tropical arable soils were sampled from Hainan Island. The particle size fractions associated Cr, As, Cd and Pb were characterized and their leachability was analyzed as well. The pollution of heavyExpand
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Fighting against COVID-19: Innovative strategies for clinical pharmacists
Abstract Background Clinical pharmacists’ routine task is carrying out pharmaceutical care to ensure patients' safe and reasonableExpand
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