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A Simple Planning Problem for COVID-19 Lockdown
We study the optimal lockdown policy for a planner who wants to control the fatalities of a pandemic while minimizing the output costs of the lockdown. We use the SIR epidemiology model and a linearExpand
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Optimal Price Setting with Observation and Menu Costs
We study the price setting problem of a firm in the presence of both observation and menu costs. In this problem the firm optimally decides when to collect costly information on the adequacy of itsExpand
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Central Bank Independence, Centralization of Wage Bargaining, Inflation and Unemployment - Theory and Some Evidence
This paper proposes a conceptual framework that makes it possible to investigate the effects of central bank independence, the degree of centralization of wage bargaining and the interaction betweenExpand
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Price Setting with Menu Cost for Multi-Product Firms
We model the decisions of a multi-product firm that faces a fixed "menu" cost: once it is paid, the firm can adjust the price of all its products. We characterize analytically the steady state firm'sExpand
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Are the clinical and pathological features of differentiated thyroid carcinoma really changed over the last 35 years? Study on 4187 patients from a single Italian institution to answer this question.
BACKGROUND In the last decades, a marked increased prevalence of differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) has been observed worldwide. The aim of this study was to evaluate the changing features of DTCExpand
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Persistent Liquidity Effects and Long Run Money Demand
We present a monetary model in the presence of segmented asset markets that implies a persistent fall in interest rates after a once and for all increase in liquidity. The gradual propagationExpand
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The Analytic Theory of a Monetary Shock
We propose a new method to analyze the propagation of a once and for all shock in a broad class of sticky price models. The method is based on the eigenvalue-eigenfunction representation of theExpand
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The Demand of Liquid Assets with Uncertain Lumpy Expenditures
We consider an inventory model for a liquid asset where the per-period net expenditures have two components: one that is frequent and small and another that is infrequent and large. We give aExpand
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State Dependent Monetary Policy, Working Paper 13-17
We study the optimal anticipated monetary policy in a flexible-price economy featuring heterogenous agents and incomplete markets, which give rise to a business cycle. In this setting money policyExpand
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The Demand for Currency at Low Interest Rates
Money holding behavior at low interest rates is central for evaluating the welfare costs of low inflation. We study this issue by focusing on Italian households’ demand for currency using a uniqueExpand
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