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Plant physiological responses to UV-B radiation -
During the last few decades, there has been considerable concern over the depletion of stratospheric ozone as a result of anthropogenic pollutants. This has resulted in a concomitant increase inExpand
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Evaluation of Grain Filling Rate and Duration in Bread and Durum Wheat, under Heat Stress after Anthesis
Bread and durum wheat genotypes were submitted to heat stress during the grain filling period, and relationships between grain weight and accumulated time from anthesis until maturity, using daysExpand
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Manganese accumulation in rice: implications for photosynthetic functioning.
In order to gain fundamental insights into the nature of the adaptation to Mn excess, the characterisation of the photosynthetic apparatus in Mn-treated rice was carried out in 21-day-old plants. WeExpand
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Effects of aluminum toxicity on nutrient accumulation in maize shoots: Implications on photosynthesis
Abstract The physiological characterization of aluminum (Al) toxicity in C4 plants prompted this study, having maize (Zea mays cv. XL‐72.3) used as a test system. Two weeks after germination, maizeExpand
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Comparison of resistance to drought of three bean cultivars
The aim of the present work was to evaluate oxidative stress and plant antioxidant system of three contrasting bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) genotypes in the response to drought. Drought was imposedExpand
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Zinc in plants - an overview.
Owing to continuous development of knowledge at a biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology and geneticslevels, essential progresses to understand the mechanisms underlying the threshold of ZnExpand
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Biochemical and molecular characterization of the antioxidative system of Coffea sp. under cold conditions in genotypes with contrasting tolerance.
Low positive temperature (chilling) is frequently linked to the promotion of oxidative stress conditions, and is of particular importance in the coffee plant due to its severe impact on growth,Expand
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Decay of the Chloroplast Pool of Ascorbate Switches on the Oxidative Burst in UV‐B‐Irradiated Rice
A parallel was drawn between UV-B irradiation and the oxidative burst in the chloroplast lamellae of rice plants (Oryza sativa L. cv. Safari). After irradiation with a total biological effective UV-BExpand
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Limiting Step on Photosynthesis of Rice Plants Treated with Varying Copper Levels
Summary The photosynthetic process of rice ( Oryza sativa L.) plants grown over a 30-day period in a nutrient solution containing concentrations of copper ranging from 0.002 to 6.25 mg/L wasExpand
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Oxy radicals production and control in the chloroplast of Mn-treated rice
The interactions between Mn accumulation and production and control of oxy radicals were investigated in rice (Oryza sati6a L. cv. Safari) chloroplasts. Rice plants were grown for 21 days in nutrientExpand
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