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Meta-analysis of BDNF Val66Met polymorphism association with treatment response in patients with major depressive disorder
The aim of our meta-analysis was to assess the association between BDNF Val66Met polymorphism and treatment response in patients with MDD. 8 studies that included data from 1115 subjects wereExpand
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Nonuniform dichotomy spectrum and reducibility for nonautonomous equations
Abstract For nonautonomous linear differential equations with nonuniform hyperbolicity, we introduce a definition for nonuniform dichotomy spectrum, which can be seen as a generalization ofExpand
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Meta-analysis of TNF-α promoter –308A/G polymorphism and SLE susceptibility in Asian populations
The aim of this study was to summarize results on the association of tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) promoter –308A/G polymorphism with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) susceptibility in AsianExpand
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Assessing the integrity of steel structural components with stress raisers using the Theory of Critical Distances
This paper assesses and evaluates the detrimental effect of standard and complex geometrical features on the static strength of samples made of Q460 steel. The experimental results generated byExpand
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Comparing the anomalous Hall effect and the magneto-optical Kerr effect through antiferromagnetic phase transitions in Mn 3 Sn
The generation of oxygen microbubbles in catalytic microtubes has attracted tremendous attention towards the exploration of unidirectional and overloaded bubble ejection regimes, leading to simpleExpand
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Homoclinic Solutions for a Class of Second Order Nonautonomous Singular Hamiltonian Systems
We are concerned with the existence of homoclinic solutions for the following second order nonautonomous singular Hamiltonian systems , (HS) where , , is a continuous bounded function, and theExpand
Almost Automorphic Solutions of Non-autonomous Differential Equations
In this paper, we study the existence and uniqueness of almost automorphic solutions for non-autonomous linear and nonlinear differential equations in a Banach space, when the linear equation admitsExpand
Periodic solutions of radially symmetric systems with a singularity
In this paper, we study the existence of infinitely many periodic solutions to planar radially symmetric systems with certain strong repulsive singularities near the origin and with some semilinearExpand
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Variational Approach to Impulsive Problems: A Survey of Recent Results
We present a survey on the existence of nontrivial solutions to impulsive differential equations by using variational methods, including solutions to boundary value problems, periodic solutions, andExpand
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In this article, we consider non-autonomous linear equations x′ = A(t)x that may exhibit stable, unstable and central behaviors in different directions. We give a complete characterization ofExpand
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