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Simplified Boundary Element Method for Kinematic Response of Single Piles in Two-Layer Soil
A simple approach is formulated to predict the elastic, kinematic pile bending during harmonic or transient excitation for a circular pile (rather than a simplified thin strip). Expand
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Experimental observations and evaluations of formulae for local scour at pile groups in steady currents
ABSTRACT Bridge scour is recognized as one of the key factors that causes structure failures, which in turn leads to economic and life loss. In this study, flume tests of four typical arrangements ofExpand
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Accuracy of three-dimensional seismic ground response analysis in time domain using nonlinear numerical simulations
To provide appropriate uses of nonlinear ground response analysis for engineering practice, a three-dimensional soil column with a distributed mass system and a time domain numerical analysis wereExpand
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Analytical solution for laterally loaded long piles based on Fourier–Laplace integral
Abstract Piles are frequently used to support lateral loads. Elastic solutions based on the Winkler foundation model are widely used to design laterally loaded piles at working load. This paperExpand
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A review of bridge scour: mechanism, estimation, monitoring and countermeasures
Scour of sediments around bridge foundations by the stream is the most significant contributing factor for bridge failures. The scour failures tend to occur without prior warning and have led toExpand
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Cartesian Impedance Control for Physical Human–Robot Interaction Using Virtual Decomposition Control Approach
This paper presents and verifies a novel Cartesian impedance control of the flexible joint manipulator for physical human–robot interaction application based on virtual decomposition control approach. Expand
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Influences of axial load on the lateral response of single pile with integral equation method
SUMMARY This article revisits the influences of axial load on the lateral response of single pile with integral equation method. The problem is formulated by decomposing the pile soil system into anExpand
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Robot-Environment Interaction Control of a Flexible Joint Light Weight Robot Manipulator
This paper presents a weighted path planning approach for a light weight robot coming into compliant contact with the environment, as well as robot-environment interaction enabled impedance control. Expand
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A modified analysis method for the nonlinear load transfer behaviour of axially loaded piles
A modified analytical solution is proposed to calculate the load-settlement curve of axially loaded piles, which may consider the degradation of the skin friction of piles, distribution of shearExpand
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A simplified nonlinear analysis method for piled raft foundation in layered soils under vertical loading
Abstract This paper presents a simplified nonlinear solution for piled raft foundations in layered soils under vertical loading. Based on the elastic–plastic analysis of a single pile in a layeredExpand
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