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Autophagic Degradation of the 26S Proteasome Is Mediated by the Dual ATG8/Ubiquitin Receptor RPN10 in Arabidopsis.
Autophagic turnover of intracellular constituents is critical for cellular housekeeping, nutrient recycling, and various aspects of growth and development in eukaryotes. Here we show that autophagyExpand
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AUTOPHAGY-RELATED11 Plays a Critical Role in General Autophagy- and Senescence-Induced Mitophagy in Arabidopsis[W]
The ATG1/13 kinase complex that regulates autophagy also includes ATG11 and ATG101, with ATG11 helping regulate the phosphorylation and turnover of ATG1 and ATG13, tether the complex to developingExpand
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Arabidopsis ATG11, a scaffold that links the ATG1-ATG13 kinase complex to general autophagy and selective mitophagy
Autophagy is essential for nutrient recycling and intracellular housekeeping in plants by removing unwanted cytoplasmic constituents, aggregated polypeptides, and damaged organelles. TheExpand
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Infrared and Raman line shapes for ice Ih. II. H2O and D2O.
We present a theoretical study of infrared and Raman line shapes of polycrystalline and single crystal ice Ih, for both water and heavy water, at 1, 125, and 245 K. Our calculations involve a mixedExpand
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Erratum to: Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (3rd edition) (Autophagy, 12, 1, 1-222, 10.1080/15548627.2015.1100356
Author(s): Klionsky, DJ; Abdelmohsen, K; Abe, A; Abedin, MJ; Abeliovich, H; Arozena, AA; Adachi, H; Adams, CM; Adams, PD; Adeli, K; Adhihetty, PJ; Adler, SG; Agam, G; Agarwal, R; Aghi, MK; Agnello,Expand
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Infrared and Raman line shapes for ice Ih. I. Dilute HOD in H(2)O and D(2)O.
Vibrational spectroscopy of ice Ih provides information about structure, dynamics, and vibrational coupling in this important substance. Vibrational spectra are simplified for HOD in either H(2)O orExpand
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Resonant vibrational energy transfer in ice Ih.
Fascinating anisotropy decay experiments have recently been performed on H2O ice Ih by Timmer and Bakker [R. L. A. Timmer, and H. J. Bakker, J. Phys. Chem. A 114, 4148 (2010)]. The very fast decayExpand
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Regulator and substrate
Like other organisms, plants rely on autophagy to recycle intracellular components needed for development, new growth and survival during nutrient stress. This ‘self eating’ is a catabolic process byExpand
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