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Na-O anticorrelation and HB. VII. The chemical composition of first and second-generation stars in 1
We present abundances of Fe, Na, and O for 1409 red giant stars in 15 galactic globular clusters (GCs), derived from the homogeneous analysis of high-resolution FLAMES/GIRAFFE spectra. Combining theExpand
Detailed abundances of a large sample of giant stars in M 54 and in the Sagittarius nucleus
Homogeneous abundances of light elements, α-elements, and Fe-group elements from high-resolution FLAMES spectra are presented for 76 red giant stars in NGC 6715 (M 54), a massive globular clusterExpand
M54 + Sagittarius = ω Centauri
We derive homogeneous abundances of Fe, O, Na, and α-elements from high-resolution FLAMES spectra for 76 red giant stars in NGC 6715 (M54) and for 25 red giants in the surrounding nucleus of theExpand
Abundances for a Large Sample of Red Giants in NGC 1851: Hints for a Merger of Two Clusters?
We present the abundance analysis of a sample of more than 120 red giants in the globular cluster (GC) NGC 1851, based on FLAMES spectra. We find a small but detectable metallicity spread. ThisExpand
Na-O anticorrelation and HB. I. The Na-O anticorrelation in NGC 2808
We derived the atmospheric parameters and elemental abundances of Fe, O, and Na for about 120 red giant stars in the Galactic globular cluster NGC 2808. Our results are based on the analysis ofExpand
Na-O anticorrelation and HB - IX. Kinematics of the program clusters A link between systemic rotation and HB morphology?
We use accurate radial velocities for 1981 member stars in 20 Galactic globular clusters, collected within our large survey aimed at the analysis of the Na-O anti-correlation, to study the internalExpand
The Blazar TXS 0506+056 Associated with a High-energy Neutrino: Insights into Extragalactic Jets and Cosmic-Ray Acceleration
A neutrino with energy similar to 290 TeV, IceCube-170922A, was detected in coincidence with the BL Lac object TXS. 0506+056 during enhanced gamma-ray activity, with chance coincidence being rejectedExpand
NGC 362: another globular cluster with a split red giant branch
We obtained FLAMES GIRAFFE+UVES spectra for both first- and second-generation red giant branch (RGB) stars in the globular cluster (GC) NGC 362 and used them to derive abundances of 21 atomic speciesExpand
Na-O anticorrelation and horizontal branches. IV. Detection of He-rich and He-poor stellar populatio
We used the multifiber spectrograph FLAMES on the ESO Very Large Telescope UT2 to derive atmospheric parameters, metallicities and abundances of O and Na for 79 red giant stars in the GalacticExpand
The Polarization Mode of the Auroral Radio Emission from the Early-Type Star HD 142301
We report the detection of the auroral radio emission from the early-type magnetic star HD142301. New VLA observations of HD142301 detected highly polarized amplified emission occurring at fixedExpand