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War as a medicine: the medical metaphor in contemporary Italian political language
This article focuses on the sharp rise in the use of medical metaphors in contemporary Italian political language, trying to identify its origins and socio-political significance. After analysingExpand
Altered Signaling in the G1 Phase Deregulates Chondrocyte Growth in a Mouse Model With Proteoglycan Undersulfation
In several skeletal dysplasias defects in extracellular matrix molecules affect not only the structural and mechanical properties of cartilage, but also the complex network of signaling pathwaysExpand
Memory and Nation-Building in Georgia 1
P 3 . 2 Oral presentation Mutations in FKBP 10 , a collagen PPIase , extend the recessive phenotype associated with type XI OI , and cause diminished collagen cross-linking in matrix
This report presents clinical case of the newborn girl diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta type III, with multiple bone fractures, extreme shortness and limbs deformities, treated at the age of 4Expand
Erasing the Signs of the Other: Zionism and the Palestinians
Colonial discourse would provide the European imperialistic expansion with the ideological and moral legitimation through the myth of the civilizing mission. In order to allow the European conquerorExpand
What is a personality cult
The Jurassic succession in the western part of the Gran Sasso Range (Central Apennines, Abruzzo, Italy)
In order to date the beginning and the climax of the Jurassic oolitic-bioclastic sedimentation in the proximal basin facies of the Gran Sasso area, the stratigraphic sections of Pizzo Cefalone andExpand