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Cultural Discount and Cross-Culture Predictability: Examining the Box Office Performance of American Movies in Hong Kong
Media studies have suggested that a media product traveling across cultures would be received in locally specific ways. This study argues that cultural discount and cross-culture predictability ofExpand
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Cultural discount of cinematic achievement: the academy awards and U.S. movies’ East Asian box office
This study uses the Academy Awards as a window to look into how cultural differences influence the reception of U.S. movies in East Asia. Following the recent research on the concept of culturalExpand
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Hollywood movies in East Asia: examining cultural discount and performance predictability at the box office
Cultural differences are likely to affect the extent to which and the ways in which audiences appreciate foreign media products. Not all media products travel across cultural and national boundariesExpand
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Triggering the Protest Paradigm: Examining Factors Affecting News Coverage of Protests
Communication scholars have articulated the concept of protest paradigm to capture the news media’s tendency to portray social protests as deviant, threatening, or impotent. Developments in the mediaExpand
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Becoming Extra-Ordinary: Negotiation of Media Power in the Case of Super Girls’ Voice in China
This article aims at understanding the popularity and cultural and social significance of the highly prominent Chinese television show Super Girls' Voice (the 2005 season), a talent contest largelyExpand
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Facebook Use and Political Participation
Some recent studies have illustrated a positive relationship between social media use and political participation among young people. Researchers, however, have operationalized social media usageExpand
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Does Discussion With Disagreement Discourage All Types of Political Participation? Survey Evidence From Hong Kong
  • F. Lee
  • Computer Science, Sociology
  • Commun. Res.
  • 1 August 2012
Past studies have found contradicting evidence regarding the influence of political discussion with disagreeing others on political participation. This study argues that the impact of discussion withExpand
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Strategic Interaction, Cultural Co-orientation, and Press Freedom in Hong Kong
This article discusses press freedom in Hong Kong since the handover. It argues that in the immediate years after reunification, the strategic interaction between the media and the power holdersExpand
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Cultivating an Active Online Counterpublic
While alternative media have long been playing important roles in the politics of protests and resistance in many countries, the Internet has led to the emergence of online alternative media andExpand
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Professional Aspirations and Job Satisfaction: Chinese Journalists at a Time of Change in the Media
This study examines how Shanghai journalists' professional aspirations are related to their job satisfaction in times of social change. Similar to their counterparts in the West, Shanghai journalistsExpand
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