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Geometric and renormalized entropy in conformal field theory
Abstract In statistical physics, useful notions of entropy are defined with respect to some coarse-graining procedure over a microscopic model. Here we consider some special problems that arise when
Boundary string field theory of the D anti-D system
We develop the boundary string field theory approach to tachyon condensation on the D{bar D} system. Particular attention is paid to the gauge fields, which combine with the tachyons in a natural
Holographic gravitational anomalies
In the AdS/CFT correspondence one encounters theories that are not invariant under diffeomorphisms. In the boundary theory this is a gravitational anomaly, and can arise in 4k+2 dimensions. In the
Rolling tachyons and decaying branes
We present new rolling tachyon solutions describing the classical decay of D- branes. Our methods are simpler than those appearing in recent works, yet our results are exact in classical string
String theory in magnetic monopole backgrounds
Abstract We discuss string propagation in the near-horizon geometry generated by Neveu-Schwarz fivebranes, Kaluza-Klein monopoles and fundamental strings. When the fivebranes and KK monopoles are
Microscopic black hole entropy in theories with higher derivatives
We discuss higher derivative corrections to black hole entropy in theories that allow a near horizon AdS3 × X geometry. In arbitrary theories with diffeomorphism in- variance we show how to obtain
Rotating Kaluza–Klein black holes
Abstract All regular four-dimensional black holes are constructed in the theory obtained by Kaluza–Klein reduction of five-dimensional Einstein gravity. They are interpreted in string theory as
D-branes and strings as non-commutative solitons
The non-commutative geometry of a large auxiliary B-field simplifies the construction of D-branes as solitons in open string field theory. Similarly, fundamental strings are constructed as localized
Partition functions and elliptic genera from supergravity
We develop the spacetime aspects of the computation of partition functions for string/M-theory on AdS3 × M. Subleading corrections to the semi-classical result are included systematically, laying the
Exact noncommutative solitons
We find exact solitons in a large class of noncommutative gauge theories using a simple solution generating technique. The solitons in the effective field theory description of open string field