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The Rise of Political Islam in Turkey
Abstract : As a Muslim-majority country that is also a secular democratic state, a member of NATO, and a long-standing U.S. ally, Turkey is pivotal to U.S. strategy to shape the Middle EasternExpand
Democratization in the Arab World: Prospects and Lessons from Around the Globe
PART I: CONCEPTS AND CONTEXT Democratization and Democracy Promotion: Trends, Theories, and Practices The Arab World on the Eve of Change PART II: FROM THE ARAB WINTER TO THE ARAB SPRING The RegimeExpand
Turkish foreign policy in an age of uncertainty
Abstract : As Turkey enters the 21st century, it faces a troubled environment, domestically and internationally. Uncertainties regarding the country's future and its external policies have increasedExpand
France and NATO
Under President Nicolas Sarkozy, France has embarked on a major defence transformation with far-reaching implications for relations with the United States, NATO and European defence more broadly. TheExpand
Turkish-Iranian Relations in a Changing Middle East
Abstract : This report analyzes the evolution of Turkish-Iranian relations. It addresses three closely related issues: How are Turkish-Iranian relations likely to evolve in the coming decade?, ToExpand
Europe's Role in Nation-Building: From the Balkans to the Congo
Summary Introduction Albania Sierra Leone Macedonia Cote d'Ivoire Democratic Republic of Congo Bosnia Solomon Islands (Australia) Comparative Analysis Conclusions.
The United States and security in the Black Sea region
In the last half decade, the wider Black Sea region has emerged as an increasing security issue for the United States. This has been reflected in a growing number of articles, briefings, books andExpand
Turkey Rediscovers the Middle East
WHILE THE recent wrangling in Turkey between the generals and the Islamists has drawn attention to Turkey's domestic policies, a significant shift in the country's foreign policy has gone largelyExpand
Encouraging Trade and Foreign Direct Investment in Ukraine
Abstract : Despite the fact that two ostensible economic policy priorities in Ukraine are to liberalize trade and improve the climate for foreign direct investment "FDI", successive UkrainianExpand
NATO's Mediterranean Initiative: Policy Issues and Dilemmas
Since 1989, NATO has concentrated most of its energy on enlargement to Eastern Europe and internal adaptation; the Mediterranean has received only sporadic attention. However, in the coming decades,Expand