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Holocene rainfall variability in southern Chile: a marine record of latitudinal shifts of the Southern Westerlies
Geochemical and clay mineral parameters of a high accumulation marine sediment core from the Chilean continental slope (41‡S) provide a 7700 yr record of rainfall variability in southern ChileExpand
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Holocene changes in the position and intensity of the southern westerly wind belt
The position and intensity of the southern westerly wind belt varies seasonally as a consequence of changes in sea surface temperature. During the austral winter, the belt expands northward and theExpand
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Mediterranean Moisture Source for an Early-Holocene Humid Period in the Northern Red Sea
Paleosalinity and terrigenous sediment input changes reconstructed on two sediment cores from the northernmost Red Sea were used to infer hydrological changes at the southern margin of theExpand
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Antarctic Timing of Surface Water Changes off Chile and Patagonian Ice Sheet Response
Marine sediments from the Chilean continental margin are used to infer millennial-scale changes in southeast Pacific surface ocean water properties and Patagonian ice sheet extent since the lastExpand
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Late glacial to Holocene climate and sedimentation history in the NW Black Sea
Abstract Gravity cores from the continental slope in the northwestern Black Sea were studied using high-resolution stable isotope, grain size and XRF-scanning data. The measurements provide a 30 000Expand
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High-Resolution Marine Record of Climatic Change in Mid-latitude Chile during the Last 28,000 Years Based on Terrigenous Sediment Parameters
Abstract Marine sediment cores from the continental slope off mid-latitude Chile (33°S) were studied with regard to grain-size distributions and clay mineral composition. The data provide aExpand
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A review of Glacial and Holocene paleoclimate records from southernmost Patagonia (49–55°S)
Southern South America is the only landmass intersecting the southern westerly wind belt (SWW) that influences the large-scale oceanography and controls for example the outgassing of CO2 in theExpand
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A Pronounced Dry Event Recorded Around 4.2 ka in Brine Sediments from the Northern Red Sea
Partly laminated sediments were sampled from the brine-filled, anoxic Shaban Deep basin in the northern Red Sea. At about 4200 cal yr BP more than two millennia of anoxic sedimentation is replaced byExpand
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Modulation of the bipolar seesaw in the Southeast Pacific during Termination 1
The termination of the last ice age (Termination 1; T1) is crucial for our understanding of global climate change and for the validation of climate models. There are still a number of open questionsExpand
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Multicentennial-scale hydrological changes in the Black Sea and northern Red Sea during the Holocene and the Arctic/North Atlantic Oscillation
[1] Paleoenvironmental proxy data for ocean properties, eolian sediment input, and continental rainfall based on high-resolution analyses of sediment cores from the southwestern Black Sea and theExpand
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