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Validation of Agent-Based Models in Economics and Finance
It is argued that more research efforts should be devoted toward advancing hypothesis testing in ABM, with specific emphasis on model stationarity and ergodicity, and an updated critical review of the existing validation techniques are offered.
Faraway, So Close: Coupled Climate and Economic Dynamics in an Agent-Based Integrated Assessment Model
In this work we develop an agent-based model that offers an alternative to standard, computable general equilibrium integrated assessment models (IAMs). The Dystopian Schumpeter meeting Keynes (DSK)
Evidence for sharp increase in the economic damages of extreme natural disasters
This study demonstrates a temporal increase in extreme damages, after controlling for a number of factors, and analyses event-level data using quantile regressions to capture patterns in the damage distribution and finds strong evidence of progressive rightward skewing and tail-fattening over time.
Towards agent-based integrated assessment models: examples, challenges, and future developments
There is a long way-to-go for agent-based models to catch-up with the richness of many existing integrated assessment models and overcome their major problems, and this should encourage research in the area.
The role of Science Parks: a puzzle of growth, innovation and R&D investments
This paper investigates the impact of Science Parks on growth and innovativeness of affiliated firms. Both the role and the effectiveness of these policy instruments in sustaining tenants’