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A Relation-Based Page Rank Algorithm for Semantic Web Search Engines
This paper proposes a relation-based page rank algorithm to be used in conjunction with semantic Web search engines that simply relies on information that could be extracted from user queries and on annotated resources.
An Algorithmic and Architectural Study on Montgomery Exponentiation in RNS
An overall comparison among all the considered algorithmic approaches and cell architectures is presented, with the aim of providing the reader with an extensive overview of the Montgomery exponentiation opportunities in RNS.
A Streaming-Based Solution for Remote Visualization of 3D Graphics on Mobile Devices
  • F. Lamberti, A. Sanna
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer…
  • 1 March 2007
A system where a cluster of PCs, equipped with accelerated graphics cards managed by the Chromium software, is able to handle remote visualization sessions based on MPEG video streaming involving complex 3D models is proposed.
A General Approach for Improving RNS Montgomery Exponentiation Using Pre-processing
This paper presents a modified RNS Montgomery exponentiation algorithm, where several multiplications are moved outside the main execution loop and replaced by an effective pre-processing stage producing a significant saving on the overall delay with respect to state-of-the-art approaches.
Reducing the Computation Time in (Short Bit-Width) Two's Complement Multipliers
This paper presents a technique to reduce by one row the maximum height of the partial product array generated by a radix-4 Modified Booth Encoded multiplier, without any increase in the delay of thepartial product generation stage, to allow for a faster compression of the Partial product array and regular layouts.
Using handheld devices to sup port augmented reality-based maintenance and assembly tasks
The opportunities coming from the use of consumer devices like smartphones and tablets to perform maintenance and assembly procedures with Augmented Reality (AR) are studied.
Blockchain and Smart Contracts for Insurance: Is the Technology Mature Enough?
Support actors involved in this decision process of adopting blockchain by illustrating what a blockchain is, analyzing its advantages and disadvantages, as well as discussing several use cases taken from the insurance sector, which could easily be extended to other domains.
New Frontiers of Delivery Services Using Drones: A Prototype System Exploiting a Quadcopter for Autonomous Drug Shipments
A prototype system exploiting a do it yourself quad copter drone for delivering products is proposed, and the hardware choices made in order to limit risks arising from autonomous delivery are presented.
An accelerated remote graphics architecture for PDAS
A generic solution for hardware-accelerated remote rendering on cluster for Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) that allows to display extremely realistic and complex models in an interactive way and does not depend on commercial solutions/products.