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Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness
Acknowledgments 1 The Nature of Body Panic Culture 2 What Kinds of Subjects and Objects? Gender, Consumer Culture, and Convergence 3 Size Matters: Male Body Panic and the Third Wave "Crisis ofExpand
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“Getting your Body Back”
This investigation explores how contemporary (corporeal) motherhood is constituted in postindustrial consumer culture through a content and textual analysis of Shape Fit Pregnancy. Using allExpand
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“Disciplining the Body”: HIV-Positive Male Athletes, Media Surveillance, and the Policing of Sexuality
This paper analyzes how mainstream print media polices sexuality through framings of HIV-positive male athletes. We analyze the HIV-positive announcements of Magic Johnson, Greg Louganis, and TommyExpand
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It’s Not About the Game: Don Imus, Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Media
Using intersectionality and hegemony theory, we critically analyze mainstream print news media’s response to Don Imus’ exchange on the 2007 NCAA women’s basketball championship game. Content andExpand
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The Gender of Audience Building: Televised Coverage of Women's and Men's NCAA Basketball*
This article, based upon a comparative analysis of televised coverage of the “Final Four” of the women's and men's 1993 NCAA basketball tournaments, sheds light on some of the mechanisms throughExpand
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Leveling the Playing Field
At the turn of the millennium, gender relations are in a state of flux. Increasingly, separate gendered spheres and roles are being challenged and negotiated in many areas of social life. At the sameExpand
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Parent-child math anxiety and math-gender stereotypes predict adolescents' math education outcomes
Two studies examined social determinants of adolescents' math anxiety including parents' own math anxiety and children's endorsement of math-gender stereotypes. In Study 1, parent-child dyads wereExpand
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In comparing print media coverage of the Greg Louganis and Magic Johnson HIV-positive / AIDS announcements, there is strikingly different treatment of the two men. Specifically, the authorsExpand
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The Boundaries of Difference: Negotiating Gender in Recreational Sport*
There is a pervasive belief that meaningful gender differences structure the abilities and desires of bodies. These gender differences are presented as categorical imperatives, despite the prevalenceExpand
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