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Quantitative Image Analysis for Evaluating the Coating Thickness and Pore Distribution in Coated Small Particles
A characterization method for coating structure based on image analysis, which is particularly promising for the rational design of coated particles in the pharmaceutical industry, can be used as a fast and effective tool to predict coating functionality. Expand
Modeling on the kinetics of an EPDM devulcanization in an internal batch mixer using an amine as the devulcanizing agent
The use of amines and the application of mechanical force (shear) in rubber devulcanization have been reported in the literatures. In this paper, the devulcanization of ethylene propylene dieneExpand
Functional encapsulation of small particles : quantification and control of the morphology of the coating layers : quantification and control of the morphology of the coating layers
In this chapter, an overview of the important aspects of the formulation and the process development of a functional encapsulated product is given. It is shown that there is a need of quantificationExpand
Predicting the diffusion coefficient of water vapor through glassy HPMC films at different environmental conditions using the free volume additivity approach.
The presented approach enables the prediction of the diffusivity at any given relevant material variable and therefore has the potency to be used as a formulation development tool. Expand
Gas Permeation Related to the Moisture Sorption in Films of Glassy Hydrophilic Polymers
The purpose of this article is to elucidate the effect of integral sorption of moisture on gas permeation in glassy hydrophilic polymers. The oxygen and the simultane- ous moisture sorption intoExpand
Development and Application of a Process Window for Achieving High-Quality Coating in a Fluidized Bed Coating Process
This study aims to develop an operational window that separates layering from agglomeration regimes and, furthermore, the one that leads to the best coating quality in a fluidized bed coater. Expand
Using the Internal Stress Concept to Assess the Importance of Moisture Sorption-induced Swelling on the Moisture Transport through the Glassy HPMC Films
Investigations revealed that the loss of stress is especially due to the swelling of the polymer rather than the changes in the inherent strain of the HPMC films, which implies that the impact of the moisture sorption on the diffusivity is predominantly via volume addition rather than via altering the mechanical properties. Expand
Mapping the droplet drying phenomena within a fluidized bed coater as a prediction tool for coating qualities
For a high coating quality, agglomeration and exces siv evaporation of the coating droplets during fluidized bed coating process should be avoi ded (1-3). This means that the coating process canExpand