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High-performance optical code generation and recognition by use of a 511-chip, 640-Gchip/s phase-shifted superstructured fiber Bragg grating.
The generation and recognition of a record-length 511-chip optical code is experimentally demonstrated by use of a superstructured fiber Bragg grating (SSFBG) with a chip rate of 640 Gchips/s. VeryExpand
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PSK self-homodyne detection using a pilot carrier for multibit/symbol transmission with inverse-RZ signal
Phase-shift-keying (PSK) self-homodyne modulation and demodulation using a polarization-multiplexed pilot-carrier with an inverse-return-to-zero (RZ) intensity modulation signal for 2-bit/symbolExpand
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Superposition of DQPSK over inverse-RZ for 3-bit/symbol modulation-demodulation
We successfully demonstrated overwriting of differential quadrature phase-shift keying (DQPSK) on inverse return-to-zero (RZ) pulses for simple 3-bit/symbol operation at a 10-Gb/s symbol rateExpand
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Tunable dispersion slope compensator with a chirped fiber grating and a divided thin-film heater for 160-Gb/s RZ transmissions
We have developed the tunable dispersion slope compensator with a chirped fiber grating and a divided thin-film heater composed of 32 thin-film heaters for single-channel 160-Gb/s return-to-zero (RZ)Expand
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Simultaneous demultiplexing and clock recovery for 160-gb/s OTDM signal using a symmetric Mach-Zehnder switch in electrooptic feedback loop
We demonstrated simultaneous demultiplexing and clock recovery for a 160-Gb/s optical time-division multiplexing (OTDM) signal through a fiber transmission line by using a symmetric Mach-ZehnderExpand
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2-bit per symbol modulation/demodulation by DPSK over inverse-RZ optical pulses
We successfully demonstrated superimposing DPSK over inverse-RZ using SOA-XGM for 2-bit per symbol modulation/demodulation at 20-Gbit/s to simply double spectral efficiency. Error free operation lessExpand
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Wavelength tunable high-repetition-rate picosecond and femtosecond pulse sources based on highly nonlinear photonic crystal fiber
We demonstrate an actively mode-locked dispersion-managed erbium fiber laser and a Raman soliton wavelength converter that use photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) as the nonlinear medium. The highExpand
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Statistical paging area selection scheme (SPAS) for cellular mobile communication systems
This paper proposes a new paging scheme called statistical paging area selection. The network pages mobile station (MS) by paging a sequence of areas in a predetermined order based on either theExpand
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On dynamic channel assignment in cellular mobile radio systems
  • K. Okada, F. Kubota
  • Computer Science
  • ., IEEE International Sympoisum on Circuits and…
  • 11 June 1991
There are two types of strategies to assign the channels to a cell: fixed channel assignment (FCA) and dynamic channel assignment (DCA). The basic characteristics of DCA are presented in comparisonExpand
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40 Gbit/s, multihop optical packet routing using optical label processing based packet switch prototype
40 Gbit/s, three-hop optical packet routing using optical code label processing based packet switch nodes is experimentally demonstrated. 200 Gchip/s all-optical label processing, optical switching,Expand
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