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Intense few-cycle laser fields: Frontiers of nonlinear optics
The rise time of intense radiation determines the maximum field strength atoms can be exposed to before their polarizability dramatically drops due to the detachment of an outer electron. RecentExpand
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Attosecond control of electronic processes by intense light fields
The amplitude and frequency of laser light can be routinely measured and controlled on a femtosecond (10-15 s) timescale. However, in pulses comprising just a few wave cycles, the amplitude envelopeExpand
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A general three-dimensional wave equation first order in the propagation coordinate is derived covering a broad range of phenomena in nonlinear optics. This equation provides an accurate descriptionExpand
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Attosecond metrology
The generation of ultrashort pulses is a key to exploring the dynamic behaviour of matter on ever-shorter timescales. Recent developments have pushed the duration of laser pulses close to its naturalExpand
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Single-Cycle Nonlinear Optics
Nonlinear optics plays a central role in the advancement of optical science and laser-based technologies. We report on the confinement of the nonlinear interaction of light with matter to a singleExpand
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Delay in Photoemission
Defining Time-Zero When a high-energy photon hits an atom and is absorbed, the result can be the excitation and emission of an electron. This photoemission, or photoelectric effect, is generallyExpand
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Attosecond spectroscopy in condensed matter
Comprehensive knowledge of the dynamic behaviour of electrons in condensed-matter systems is pertinent to the development of many modern technologies, such as semiconductor and molecular electronics,Expand
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A frequency comb in the extreme ultraviolet
Since 1998, the interaction of precision spectroscopy and ultrafast laser science has led to several notable accomplishments. Femtosecond laser optical frequency ‘combs’ (evenly spaced spectralExpand
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Time-resolved atomic inner-shell spectroscopy
The characteristic time constants of the relaxation dynamics of core-excited atoms have hitherto been inferred from the linewidths of electronic transitions measured by continuous-wave extremeExpand
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Femtosecond Optical Breakdown in Dielectrics
We report measurements of the optical breakdown threshold and ablation depth in dielectrics with different band gaps for laser pulse durations ranging from 5 ps to 5 fs at a carrier wavelength of 780Expand
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