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Rules, Norms, and Decisions: On the Conditions of Practical and Legal Reasoning in International Relations and Domestic Affairs
Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Rules, norms, and actions: laying the conceptual foundations 2. Anarchy and the state of nature: the issue of regimes in international relations 3. The emergence ofExpand
On Acting and Knowing: How Pragmatism Can Advance International Relations Research and Methodology
Abstract This article moves from deconstruction to reconstruction in research methodology. It proposes pragmatism as a way to escape from epistemological deadlock. We first show that socialExpand
International organization: a state of the art on an art of the state
International organization as a field of study is where the action is. The analytical shifts leading up to the current preoccupation with international regimes have been both progressive andExpand
Rules, Norms, and Decisions: Index
Of Systems, Boundaries, and Territoriality: An Inquiry into the Formation of the State System
The author explores the changing functions of boundaries in territorially and nonterritorially based social organizations. By focusing on the exchanges that boundaries mediate, a fuller account canExpand
The embarrassment of changes: neo-realism as the science of Realpolitik without politics
The fundamental change occasioned by perestroika , the dissolution of the Soviet Bloc, the reunification of Germany, and the end of the ‘Cold War’ has become a crucial test for the explanation ofExpand
Of false promises and good bets: a plea for a pragmatic approach to theory building (the Tartu lecture)
In this lecture I review some of the issues that meta-theorizing was supposed to address in international relations and show how this project of securing knowledge through hierarchization and findingExpand