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The Architecture of Cognitive Control in the Human Prefrontal Cortex
The prefrontal cortex (PFC) subserves cognitive control: the ability to coordinate thoughts or actions in relation with internal goals. Its functional architecture, however, remains poorlyExpand
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Motivation and cognitive control in the human prefrontal cortex
The prefrontal cortex (PFC) subserves cognitive control, that is, the ability to select thoughts or actions in relation to internal goals. Little is known, however, about how the PFC combinesExpand
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Lateralization of speech production starts in sensory cortices--a possible sensory origin of cerebral left dominance for speech.
Speech production is a left-lateralized brain function, which could arise from a left dominance either in speech executive or sensory processes or both. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging inExpand
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Testing the model of caudo-rostral organization of cognitive control in the human with frontal lesions
The cascade model of cognitive control, mostly relying on functional neuroimaging studies, stipulates that the lateral frontal cortex (LFC) is organized as a cascade of executive processes involving three levels of Cognitive control, implemented in distinct LFC areas from the premotor to the anterior prefrontal regions. Expand
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Motivation et contrôle exécutif dans le cortex frontal chez l'homme
Dans ce travail, nous montrons qu’il existe une organisation hierarchique implementee respectivement dans le cortex prefrontal lateral et medial en fonction de l’axe temporel aussi bien dans leExpand
N - 1 Organisation fonctionnelle du cortex pré-frontal : Validation du modèle de « Contrôle Cognitif » chez le sujet cérébro-lésé
Introduction Le cortex prefrontal (CPF) sous-tend les mecanismes d’adaptation du comportement, et joue un role central dans le controle de l’action. A ce jour, son organisation fonctionnelle resteExpand