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A taxonomic revision of the genus
The Mediterranean orthotyline genus Platycranus is revised. Updated diagnoses and descriptions, data on distribution and hosts are provided for the genus and included species, and a key is presentedExpand
New records of Phylinae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Miridae) from the Palaearctic Region
The following 62 species of Phylinae are recorded for the first time from various Palaearctic countries: Alloeomimus kurdus (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan), Aspidacanthus myrmecoides (Mongolia),Expand
Review of Ethelastia Reuter (Heteroptera: Miridae: Phylinae)
A revised diagnosis and description of the genus Ethelastia Reuter is given and selected characters, data on distribution and host plants are provided. Expand
Review of Solenoxyphus Reuter, 1875 (Heteroptera: Miridae: Phylinae)
All 16 known species of Solenoxyphus Reuter, 1875 are given, including three new ones: Solen oxygenphus anabasius, n. Expand
Phylogeny and systematics of the subfamily Bryocorinae based on morphology with emphasis on the tribe Dicyphini sensu Schuh,
In this study the phylogeny of the subfamily Bryocorinae has been analysed based on morphological data alone, with an emphasis on evaluating the tribe Dicyphina sensu Schuh, 1976, within which distinct groups of taxa exist. Expand
Review of the genus Camptotylus Fieber, 1860 (Heteroptera: Miridae) with description of two new species
Abstract Key, descriptions, data on distribution and host plants are given for species of Camptotylus Fieber, including two new ones: Camptotylus apanaskevichi, n. sp. (Armenia, Uzbekistan,Expand
Revision of Phaeochiton Kerzhner, 1964 (Heteroptera: Miridae: Phylini)
The genus Phaeochiton Kerzhner, 1964 is revised and P. alenae sp. n. from Mongolia is described. Differential diagnoses are provided for the genus and its three species. Illustrations of male andExpand
Review of Campylomma from Russia, Caucasus, and Central Asia with description of two new species (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Miridae: Phylinae)
Key, diagnoses, data on distribution and host plants are given for 13 species of Campylomma Reuter, 1878 known from Russia, Caucasus, Central Asia and adjacent countries including two new ones including one new one sp. Expand
Species of the genus Pagasa from Central and South America (Heteroptera: Nabidae)
A key is given to 22 species of Pagasa found in Central and South America. The following new species are described: P. (Lampropagasa) fl avipennis (Bolivia), P. (Pagasa) henryi (Panama, Peru,Expand