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The effects of xanthan and guar gums on staling of gluten‐free rice cakes baked in different ovens
Summary The objective of this study was to determine the effects of different concentrations of xanthan and guar gums and their blends on staling of gluten-free rice cakes baked inExpand
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Physical properties of puffed yellow pea snacks produced by nitrogen gas assisted extrusion cooking
Abstract Extrusion is an effective means of aerating foods, thereby converting dense, hard materials into lighter and more appealing forms. In this study, physical properties of yellow pea puffedExpand
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Modeling the viscoelastic behavior of wheat flour dough prepared from a wide range of formulations
Abstract The viscoelastic behavior of wheat flour dough has been characterized using constitutive models of varying degrees of complexity. Modeling characterizations of the viscoelasticity of doughExpand
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The bubble size distribution and its evolution in non-yeasted wheat flour doughs investigated by synchrotron X-ray microtomography
Abstract Determination of the bubble size distribution at the end of mixing and controlling its changes are the basis for improving bread quality before it is fully manufactured. X-rays from aExpand
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Ultrasonic Characterization of Unyeasted Bread Dough of Different Sodium Chloride Concentrations
ABSTRACT Altering the properties of dough by reducing sodium chloride (NaCl) content affects aeration processes during mixing. The effect of NaCl concentration on the bubble size distribution (BSD)Expand
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Effects of composition on dough development and air entrainment in doughs made from gluten-starch blends
Abstract Gluten and starch are the two main ingredients of a wheat flour dough and it is expected that the extent of air occlusion into the dough would be affected by differences in their relativeExpand
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Ultrasound as a tool to study bubbles in dough and dough mechanical properties: A review.
Investigation of dough mechanical properties using low-intensity ultrasound is now reasonably well established. In this review, an introduction to the fundamentals of ultrasound propagation inExpand
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Bubbles in noodle dough: Characterization by X-ray microtomography.
Bubbles, found in a huge variety of food products, are known to afford desirable quality attributes, especially those related to texture, mouthfeel and taste. However, the presence of bubbles andExpand
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A study of factors influencing the water absorption capacity of Canadian hard red winter wheat flour
Abstract The nature of variation in water absorption capacity in Canadian hard red winter (HRW) wheat genotypes was studied. Wheat and flour were evaluated for a range of physical and chemicalExpand
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Investigation of the influence of bakery enzymes on non-yeasted dough properties during mixing
Abstract Understanding the influence of bakery enzymes on dough properties during the early stages of the breadmaking process can help optimize the design of enzymes for the bakery industry. TheExpand
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