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Unanticipated side effects of successful quality programs: exploring a paradox of organizational improvement
Recent evidence suggests the connection between quality improvement and financial results may be weak. Consider the case of Analog Devices, Inc., a leading manufacturer of integrated circuits.Expand
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Collusion in Hierarchical Agency
In this model, shareholders can use auditors' reports to contract with a privately-informed manager. Imperfect audit technology allows the auditor and the manager to collude. Auditors are useful whenExpand
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A prisoner's dilemma model of collusion deterrence
Abstract We examine a hierarchy formed by a principal, a supervisor and an agent, wherein the supervisor and the agent can collude. We consider a case where collusion-free supervisors are notExpand
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Monolog vs. dialog in costly bilateral communication
We study a two-person team whose members hold private information and whose task is to optimally choose an action for the team when communication is costly. Expand
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Stability and Factor Structure of the Jackson Personality Inventory-Revised
The Jackson Personality Inventory-Revised comprises 15 bipolar scales and five cluster scores concerning an individual's interpersonal patterns of interaction, cognitive styles, and valueExpand
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Shifting from Unilateral Control to Mutual Learning
Nonhuman issues such as statistics, flowcharts, finances or high technology are essential to managing a successful business, but companies are not failing because they lack this technical knowledge:Expand
L'entreprise consciente : comment créer de la valeur sans oublier les valeurs
Fred Kofman nous invite a reconcilier et organiser les potentialites offertes a l’etre humain, en considerant l’entreprise comme une communaute humaine consciente, c'est-a-dire combinant etExpand
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