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Survival analysis of renal patients underwent transplantation in Kyrgyz Republic and various countries by 10 years follow-up
In our study we conducted survival analysis of 204 patients visited Scientific-Research Institute of Heart Surgery and Organs transplantation and who underwent renal transplantation in Kyrgyzstan andExpand
Comparative Analysis of Complications in Different Combinations of Immunosuppressive Therapy After Kidney Transplantation
In the length of time, a wide variety of drug combinations emerged in the management of post-transplantation therapy in order to improve the survival of the recipient and graft. However, the efficacyExpand
Athletic heart adaptation, pathological hypertrophy and sudden cardiac death
Cardiac hypertrophy has been continuing as the subject of the ‘hottest’ topic in research field for a long time since it creates pathophysiologic and clinical issues by structural and functionalExpand